Friday, November 4, 2011

The holidays are coming...

well, actually... they are here already. Halloween has come and gone and unfortunately the candy is still haunting me from the garage.  I can't wait until the kids finish up the candy - I am so tempted to just throw it out but they would be devastated!  I would venture to say I really don't like this holiday a whole lot now that I am an adult who is struggling to stay healthy, but then I have to remember the joy it brings my kids.  Here are a some pictures of my adorable kiddos... the princess costume was from last year, but we decided to reuse it for her preschool party.  

Besides Halloween, I have been busy with running and racing.  Of course, I had the RnR half Oct 23rd, Pumpkin Run 5k Oct 30, then this weekend I am running a 5.3 mile trail race called WOOF.  The WOOF is about an hour south of me.  After the WOOF we will be packing up and heading north to Ann Arbor to have family photos taken with my hubby's family on Sunday.  (Two hours NORTH of my home)  I have big plans for next weekend too!  Should be fun!

Thanksgiving should be good, I plan to do a race here in town and we will be hosting my in-laws.  Of course, there is always the FOOD.  Where there is food there is overeating!  I did VERY well last year, all I can do is hope that I can do as well as I did last year.  Of course, last year I was less than 2 months into my journey of healthy living and I was so much more motivated. 

Christmas is always hard for me... obviously I want to create our own traditions for our family.  This would mean staying home.  With family so far away though, the temptation is always to travel to be with family, because isn't that what the holidays are all about anyways?  It's further complicated by Tommy's employer requiring a week vacation around Christmas. You see, my family lives 10 hours away, so when we visit them we have to take a week or so to make it worth the drive.  So, it seems like a given that we should take that time to go visit with my family.  Of course though I feel like we can't always be with  my family - and thats ignoring the logistics of traveling in the winter.  I always worry we will get caught in a major winter storm.  And of course, whats a holiday without temptation of food... for Christmas its always cinnamon rolls.  It's our families tradition, cinnamon rolls Christmas morning before presents.  Last year I did monkey bread because I had a "lower cal" recipe and it was much easier than trying to do cinnamon rolls from scratch! 

Now that I have rambled endlessly about something that is totally off topic with what my blog is supposed to be about I suppose I should get back to what I am supposed to talk about... healthy living!  I have been doing pretty well since RnR St Louis with my running and work outs.  Despite having twice weekly physical therapy I am back to following a running schedule. 

I have been working REALLY hard to stay motivated on my eating, but with the cold weather upon us I find it to be extremely difficult.  When its cold all I want to do is eat comfort foods, and while I have adapted some of my favorites - its just not quite the same.   Also the dreary weather we had the last few weeks left me very unmotivated to get in the kitchen and cook a meal, so we were falling back on prepared foods which we all know are definitely NOT healthy.    Hopefully I can get back on track, but I could definitely use some help from my readers.....

Do you have any healthy recipes (comfort food recipes would be a bonus) that you can share? 
The easier the better!  

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