Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I'm alive!

I could apologize for my absence and promise it wouldn't happen again, but I won't because most likely it will.  Summer is always a busy time for me, and I am sure it is for most of my readers as well. 

I ventured out of state for oral surgery on the 20th.  The oral surgery went as good as can be expected when they remove 3 wisdom teeth at once.  I had heard horror stories, luckily I didn't do too badly.  It hurt a lot, but I stopped taking the prescribed pain meds on day two so that's to be expected.  While I would have loved to sat on my butt doped up, it wasn't possible because I had to care for my kiddos after the second day. 

Unfortunately, I ended up in the ER Friday night.  I had several scary dizzy spells on Friday and after calling my insurance "nurse line" they urged me to visit the ER.  After 4 hours, a pregnancy test, several other blood tests, and a cat scan I was diagnosed as being slightly dehydrated and having vertigo.  They gave me meds and said it should get better, its most likely a result of the oral surgery - I SURE HOPE SO!  

The meds make me ridiculously exhausted so I can't drive home until I don't need them anymore and the dizzy spells are made worse by riding in/driving a car.  Needless to say I am still in Alabama - I am hoping to head home later in the week, but thats all dependent on this stupid vertigo. 

I did do something insanely stupid - I walked my planned 5k despite the vertigo!  I knew walking wouldn't be too taxing and I was walking with my mom so if I got dizzy I wasn't going to be alone.  Luckily, I only had a few moments of feeling spacey.    My time was  nothing to write home about, in fact I was nearly one of the last people to finish, but the feeling of helping my mom finish her first 5k was way better than a middle of the pack time anyways!  I will do a full race report when I get home!

I haven't been able to keep up on the blogs the last few weeks with sleeping so much - so please, help me catch up!  Anything exciting I should know about?  What are your plans for the next few weeks?  Any exciting races?


  1. I'm pretty sure we were right there with you in the back. We finished in 51:25 with Allan's mom and she was so excited to have finished her first race!

    Hope you feel better soon so you are able to drive!

  2. Bummer dude - hope you get to feeling better. If it doesn't resolve as quickly as you would like, there are physical therapists who are trained in vestibular therapy (Mac, for example, is AWESOME at this) - usually these trained therapists can get even the most severely dizzy patients back on track in 1-2 visits. Just a suggestion.

    Feel better -

    Ohh and I'm going to be walking with my mom for her first 5K at the Diva Dash - how cool!!!