Thursday, July 5, 2012

Belated Race Recap - Leo-Cedarville Freedom Run 5k

Natalie and I pre-race
Last Saturday I ran the Leo-Cedarville Freedom Run 5k, this was the second year for this race.  One of the reasons I chose to run this race is that they offered a kids race - I love getting my kids involved in healthy activities like this.

The Friday before the race we were  hit with storms with sustained winds of 60ish mph and gusts to 91 mph.  There was alot of damage - over 100,000 in the area were originally without power (they are still working to restore power to some in the area!)  I wasn't sure what to expect on the drive over so we left early and I am glad we did, one of the roads that I was supposed to take was closed because a tree had fallen across the street!  After a scenic detour, we arrived at Riverside Gardens were the the race was to take place.  There was a slight delay that I believe was caused by the lack of power that many people were still dealing with at the time, but it really wasn't a big deal.

The start of the race, the motorcycles led the race, I thought it was a neat touch!

 - quick and easy packet pick-up, seemed well organized
 - they offered a low cost kids race
 - loved the shirt
 - an out and back section of the course allowed my husband to take a few extra pictures
 - nice course, friendly volunteers
 - water, gatorade, bananas and post race goodie bags provided plenty of post-race fueling options
 - 8 am start was much appreciated, allowed racers to get done before it got too hot
 - age groups awards for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place - medals for all and the first place in each age group also got a visor
 - the age group medal was cute and one of my favorites to date

 - wish they would have offered and extra-small kids shirt (not a huge deal, but Natalie's shirt is huge on her)

About a mile into the race
I don't really have a play by play of the miles from the race, I went out slower than usual I think and just tried to keep picking people off as the race went by.  (I forgot my garmin - whoops!) I started slowing some after mile 2 and had a few people pass me but I didn't walk and didn't give up mentally.  This is a huge success for me because they are both things I have been struggling with lately.  I managed to finish much faster than I expected which was great - I felt like I had just won the lottery even though it wasn't a PR.

Trying to push to the finish after seeing the clock.. I was pumped!

Official time: 24:19.1
Age group Finish: 1st out of 7
Overall finish: 26th out of 140

Me with my medal and visor
The kids run was set to be 300m, I wasn't sure how Natalie would do because she does really well for a bit then loses her wind.  She ran this one alone because I was with Daniel and she ran the whole way.  Maybe that means I need to slow down when I am running with her.  She still exclaimed that her "breath was smoking" when she got done.. too funny!
Natalie in the back in the pink with the yellow headband
Running towards the finish with Daniel
Finishing strong
The kids with their medals

I think its important to note: In preparing for this race, I found a recap from last year's race.  I loved that someone involved in organizing the race took the time to respond to her concerns.  I thought it was great that they obviously listened to feedback and adjusted the start time.  I also really appreciated that expanded the awards this year.  

I would recommend this race wholeheartedly, I had a great time and will be back to run it again as my schedule allows!

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