Friday, June 15, 2012

Overdue Race Recaps!

I have been slacking on the blog lately, but honestly I have a feeling this may be how the summer goes.  I am trying to spend as much time as possible with my kiddos!   Anyway, on to the race recaps...

Mercedes Benz Cotton Row 5k - May 28, 2012

As I mentioned before, I walked this race with my mom - it was her first 5k.  Because I walked it I don't really have a play by play of how it went in my mind (I should have her do a recap and link to it here).  I do remember it was HOT!  But, other than that I don't have anything bad to say about this race.
 - well organized
 - great packet: had race history and spectator info as well as the bib and other ads
 - nice scenic course
 - great volunteers
 - great course support (2 water stations for a 5k?)
 - awesome spectators, people who lived on the course had their sprinklers and hoses out cooling off the runners
 - they also had spray stations set up on the course
 - there was plenty of food available post race even though we were close to the last ones to finish!
 - we moved to the sidewalks to finish as directed when we fell behind after a potty break, we were fine with this, no biggie. It was frustrating though when we got near the end, we had to pass back over the start line to reach the finish.  They were all lined up for the memorial walk so we could not get through easily - we easily lost a minute or two trying to get through the madness.  It would have been great if they would have roped off a small section for racers to get through!

Me and Mom Pre-Race

Me, almost to the finish line

We crossed the finish line jogging and both finished at 1:01:06 (gun time) - this was all about finishing together! My mom beat me with her chip time though - she finished in 1:00:15 and I was 1:00:16. 

To say that I am proud of her is an understatement, she did not do anything to prep for this race - she wanted to give up early on but she kept going, that to meis the meaning of a greatness.

Hare and Hounds XC 5k - June 9, 2012

I have to be honest - I really wasn't feeling up to this race. I haven't been doing so well running in the heat and I knew that this would be no exception.  Add to that the fact that it was mostly on grass with some gravel and you had to jump hay bales.. my ankles hurt just thinking about it! That being said, it was a points race for our local track club so I did it anyway!
 - nice gender-specific Brooks race shirts (women got pink, men got red)
 - music playing at the start/packet pick up area prior to the race
 - quick and easy packet pick up
 - decent post race spread: water, gatorade, cookies, bananas, and I think there might have been twizzlers and pretzels as well
 - friendly people at the race, I ended up talking to two new people which I normally don't because I am too shy to initiate conversations
 - post race raffle (I missed this because of the late start)
 - the "trail" portions of the race - nice and cool and shaded
 - it was only 5k
 - I didn't die
 - no water station
 - the race started almost 30 minutes late so I was already "dry" by the time the race started
 - the heat
 - the majority of the course was non-shaded
 - I nearly puked at the finish line (and I wasn't the only one... apparently the heat affected others too, I saw at least 2-3 other runners kneeling in the bushes too)

 I ended up finishing in 29:14 - definitely one of my worst showings to date but I finished and some days that has to be considered a success!  I had to walk several times due to the heat and some dizziness (not sure if that was the heat, or leftover remnants of the vertigo?) but I finished strong.
Starting out in the back

Somewhere around mile 2?

I swore I looked cooler than this jumping those hay bales!

Probably my favorite picture form the race

Finally almost done! 

That's it for now, tomorrow I plan to post about my thoughts on why I am struggling with running right now - hoping that some of my readers will have some input and suggestions that might help me out!

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  1. We all missed you yesterday at the Diva Dash! It was so much fun! I walked it with my mom for her first 5K - it's such an honor to be part of someone's first don't you think?!?! I'm sooo proud of your mom - maybe she's up for the F4F 4 miler?

    I'd say your xc time is a good one - it's xc, it's suppose to be slower - it's harder . . . and the heat with full on sun just sucks. I did SEVERAL xc races last summer completely unaware of what they were - omg - completely challenging compared to road races. Not really a fan . . .but I do believe what doesn't kill us makes us stronger.

    Hope you find your running mojo again soon! Maybe joining a group at 3RR whenever possible or forming your own group through your Y or changing up the route or I'm not sure - but I know you'll figure it out and get back there. Hang in there, cooler weather is just a few weeks away (though definitely not this week - Wednesday is forecasted to be 99 - OMG!)

  2. I agree about that being a great time for a cross country 5K. Glad that you both had a great time at Cotton Row. We finished under 54 min walking with Allan's mom so we weren't very far ahead of you. Hooray for your mom doing so well!

    The pictures of you from the 5K are really good-you look very strong and fast!