Monday, October 8, 2012

Marathon Monday

Again, not much on my mind - what can I say, I am a terrible blogger.

Tuesday:  3.5 miles
Wednesday: 7 miles
Thursday:  4.01 miles
Saturday:  16.02 miles (PDR)
    Total for the week: 30.53 miles

I was terribly nervous for my long run this week. I have never gone over the half marathon distance and for some reason anything beyond that is all "too far" - be it 14, 16, 20, or 26.2 miles.  Crazy enough, in my mind I felt like "if I can do 16 - I can do a marathon."  Now that I have done 16 I realize that was a stupid way of thinking and I am still super nervous.  I am also having some hip/leg issues... I think its either bursitis or a tight IT band.

As far as my long run, it was my first attempt in a while to figure out fueling of some sort.  I ate 4 jelly beans at mile 6 and by mile 8 I had to make a pit stop at the bathroom.  I ate them two other times just to test it out  and it didn't go well - seemed to give me stomach cramps.   I am starting to think I may have to just going into the marathon knowing my stomach will be an issue and eating just enough to get through - timing my fuel around the potties on the course.  So frustrating, but I won't let it stop me.

My running felt good until mile 12 when my hip started bothering me.  I stopped to stretch it out some and attempted to run again, and it was still bothering me.  I stupidly kept running because darn it this 16 was hugely mental for me and if I had failed it would have been a huge hit to my training. I did try to keep it to an annoyance more than a pain.  However, still today its bothering me.  Its weird I notice it more sitting then standing - its like a tightness/numbness in the quad and down the leg to the knee which leads me to the whole IT band thing.  Either way I am taking it easy and stretching lots - hoping its better by tomorrow, if not it may be time to go see a doc!

Anyone else experience any hip issues?  What were they and how did they resolve? :)

P.S.  St. Jude is holding a fundraising contest this week, I would LOVE to be one of the top 3 this week - the prize is a gift certificate to Dick's and I could really use another pair of shoes!  How can you help?  I need as many donations as possible.  Amount doesn't matter, its based on the NUMBER of donations, so even $1 donations help greatly!  If you can help, please donate here.


  1. I have issues with my left hip and have for as long as I can remember. In training more for my half I have noticed it being more sensitive and tender. Usually I found its realated to my "cute" shoes I wear to work that well are uncomfortable or from moving wrong. I hope that my hip behaves during the half in a couple weeks. I feel your pain its frustrating to have something that you don't know how to fix and don't know exactly what causes it. Hope you feel better and that you can resume your training without any more pain.