Monday, November 12, 2012

Marathon Monday: Readiness?

Well, another week of training completed.  I am now supposedly pretty much "ready" for my first marathon in 3 weeks.. just a few weeks of easy running and I will be ready to go.  I honestly am having feelings of doubt about that... Does running 20 miles once really mean I can run 26.2 on race day?  I want to finish in a good time on race day but most importantly I want to finish feeling like I ran strong and enjoyed the race...

This last weeks training in review:
Tuesday: 5.2
Wednesday: 10.5
Thursday: 5
Saturday: 20 miles (personal record)
  Total for the week: 40.7 (new personal high)

The 20 mile run was intimidating to say the least, but it went much better than I was expecting honestly.  I decided to try out my new fuel (keeping it under wraps til after the marathon, hoping not to jinx myself) and my new hand-held because I think its what I want to use for the marathon (worked well).  Once I actually got out there and got started I felt strong... for the first time ever I ran 13.1 miles, every step without needing a bathroom or walk break!  That was an amazing feeling.  (I have run every step once, and not used the restroom once, but this was the first time not needing either.)

I am allowed to look bad, I just ran 20 miles!
After my bathroom break at 13.1 miles it was really hard to get back into the rhythm, but I struggled and did the best I could - I told myself to run to "point x" when I would get there, then I would pick a point further ahead.  This worked til just after mile 15 when I had to walk some - mile 16 was my worst split of the day.  After my bathroom stop at 18.3 miles, I found it even harder to get the legs back into rhythm, but thats when I got tough with myself.  After a few walk breaks and a few struggles to get my legs moving I told myself "run to x" and then you can walk.... of course by the time I got there, I was less than a mile from done and I had gotten back into the flow of running so I just kept running!  I had to laugh, as I was running that last mile I passed a couple ladies and they joked "we will just drift in behind you" and I sort of huffed and puffed "I may not make it much further, I am at about 19.4 miles"  they asked how far are you running.  Can you guess what my answer was?  "ONLY 20 miles."  WHO AM I?   Although, I am sure it was because that meant ONLY another half mile or so, still... who says "only 20 miles.. "

I am pretty proud of my splits except for a few, but overall.. not bad:

I am trying to decide whether to run with a pace team or on my own...


  1. Wow, great job on your 20 mile run! You're going to be so fast for your first marathon.

  2. Haha... only 20 miles. You're a hoot!

    You're going to be amazing!!