Monday, August 27, 2012

Marathon Monday: Week 4 Recap

I don't have alot to say about training this week, I guess I probably shouldn't even be doing these whole marathon Monday things, but its a great way for me to easily glance back at my training and see how things are going.  Week 4 is complete, now onto week 5!

Tuesday: 3.51 miles w/Daniel in the BOB
Wednesday: 3 miles w/Daniel in the BOB + 1 mile with Natalie (in 11:25 - shes getting speedy!)
Thursday: 3.65miles - tempo run
Saturday: 10 miles
    Total for the week: 21.16 miles

Buckets of Sweat!
Long Run Summary:
Nothing exceptional to tell here.  Got up super early to beat the heat and I loved running before the sun was up.  I knew within a mile I was in trouble with my stomach - I managed to make it 6.5 miles before having to stop for a pit stop and thankfully 10 was all I had on the schedule because I had to dash for the potty again!  Note to self:  broccoli should not be eaten the day before a long run!   I finished in 1:35:21 for an average pace of 9:32 which is quite a bit slower than most of my recent runs, but I am happy with it none the less.  Onward and upward, right?

On a side note:  My weight held steady for the most part this week despite my best efforts to shave a few more pounds off.  Within 8 pounds of 175!!  Then, I will probably set a new goal of 155 or 160... if I ever get to 175 :)

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  1. I bet those miles pushing the BOB stroller are tough!