Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Marathon Tuesday?

I meant to sit down and do this post yesterday but I couldn't find the motivation to sit down and get it written.  Until my marathon I will be trying to post every Monday with how my training is going.   I just started week 3 of my training.  I am doing a very basic plan, just hoping to get to the finish line - I have no time goal.  I refuse to set myself up for disappointment like I did with my first half.

Week 1:
Tuesday: 3 miles (speed work, 6x400)
Wednesday: 3 Miles
Thursday: 3.5 miles
Saturday: 7 miles
     Total: 16.5 miles

Week 1 was a struggle getting the runs in because I was in Alabama and sick, but I rearranged the schedule and got the miles in.   My long run was actually split up into several shorter runs with a few 10 minute breaks built in because it was the best I could do with being sick. 

Week 2:
Tuesday: 3 miles
Wednesday: 3.5 miles plus 1.65 mi with daughter
Thursday: 4 miles
Saturday: 3.1 miles (Race) plus 1 mi with daughter
Sunday: 8 miles
     Total: 24.35 (21.7 without the runs w/daughter)

Week 2 the plan was to do my long run on Thursday because my husband was working from home, but I just couldn't pull myself out of bed early enough.  I still wanted to run because it was the perfect opportunity with him being home, so I strapped my son in the BOB and ran because I could.  I ended up running 4 miles and probably would have just finished the other 4 - but I was out of time. (The kids had dentist appointments)  I probably ran too many miles in week 2, gotta be mindful of rest days - its too early in training to over do it.

Sunday came and I put off the run as long as I could by watching the men's marathon.  I didn't want to run because I was achy and sluggish from the 5k the day before but once I stepped out the door, things started looking up almost immediately.  The weather was cool, the sun was out, and I was going to kick butt.  My plan was to run at least half the miles before stopping back at home for a bathroom pit-stop.   However, once I got started I settled into a good rhythmn and just didn't want to stop - so I ran, 8 miles without stopping.  This is my longest distance non-stop run in a LONG time - since at least March or April.  It was a reassurance that I can do anything I set my mind to, which I needed.  My splits were all over the place, but at least I had negative-splits the last few miles.

The challenge this week comes in having to run a 9 miler during the middle of the week due to a race this weekend.  It would be ideal to train without all the local 5k races, but I am trying to do as many of the local track club races as possible.  Next year when I train for the Goofy Challenge I won't have all these extra races to contend with.

Question for my readers... how do I deal with the miles I am putting in with my daughter?  They are at a much slower pace (probably 16-18 minute miles depending on the day), but I am running 2-3 miles a week with her on her runs.  
Do I count those miles?  Do I need to reduce my independent mileage by that much or do I just count it as a sort of cross training? 


  1. Loved reading this gave me the inspriation I needed to get out and get my miles in today. I am training for my first ever half and its on Oct 21. I am far from being a runner but I am trying. My best friend is doing the race with me and she lives two hours away so we are both on our own for training so its nice to read blogs about others training for races! Looks like you are doing great!!
    I would still count the miles with your daughter miles are miles regardless of pace.

  2. I'd say count the miles but if you feel like you need to add more mileage during the week to compensate then tag a mile onto a couple of shorter runs. I'm excited to hear about your training each Monday!