Monday, September 10, 2012

Marathon Monday

Week 6 didn't go quite as planned but overall I was pleased with how things went, especially considering I just ran a half on September 1st.  

Monday: 6 miles (1 mile was "warm up" with a friend who is doing C25k)
Tuesday: 3.5 miles (1.5 was with Natalie)
Thursday: 3.5 miles (1.5 was with Natalie)
Saturday: 8.85 miles (11k race with a mile warm up and cool down)

Total for the week: 21.85 

The biggest thing that didn't go "as planned" was that I shuffled my days of running around to fit what I was up to.  Tuesday and Thursday should have been 3 miles each with a 5 miler on Wednesday.  While I got the required mileage in (actually more), Tuesday should have been a speed workout and I just wasn't up to it so after the 1.5 miles with Natalie I just ran 2 "tempo" miles... or something like that... 8 minute miles for two miles straight! Woot!

Typically I would recap my long run, but since it was a race this week, I plan to do that in a later post!  

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