Monday, September 24, 2012

Marathon Monday

This week started out according to plan, I was logging my necessary miles plus a few extra with my daughter as she runs to complete her kids marathon.  (Mommy note:  I can't wait until Friday to run the final 1.2 miles with her and watch her receive the medal!)  Then Thursday I had a case of "don't wannas" and I guess I should have listened to them because I ended up injured as a result of my run that day.  I managed to strain my latissimus dorsi  - LOVELY.  I couldn't stand up straight for nearly two days! I was determined to not let it derail my training too far though.

Tuesday: 3 miles with the BOB plus 1 with Natalie
Wednesday: 6 miles plus 1.72 with Natalie
Thursday: 4 miles with the BOB (should have been 35 tempo but I wasn't feeling it so I ran 4 miles "easy")
Sunday: 10.03  miles in 3 separate runs (13 scheduled)
   Total for the week: 25.75

The "long run" Sunday was split into shorter distances.  The first run was 1.5 miles and I stopped due to pain my back.  Later in the day I decided to give it another shot and run with my daughter as long as my back and her legs would allow - we made it 3.5 miles before she pooped out (a distance record for her). Then after dinner I decided I wanted to try a few more miles so I set out to run what I could - ended up with a 5 miler.  Not the 13 I had scheduled but I will take it given the injury.

This injury has really affected me mentally.  I am trying to push past it, but its a struggle.  All I have wanted to do since it happened is eat.  I know its the past "fat girl" pushing her way back in.  In the past I have always used food as a coping mechanism.  I am trying hard to push her out of my head, but I have to admit I haven't done well so far.  So in addition to coping with the injury I may gain 10-15 pounds! :(  

I try to keep reminding myself that my time doesn't really matter in December, but the truth is I do have a time goal in mind and I really hope to hit it.  I worry if my training is derailed too far I won't be able to meet my time goal.  On the other hand, I do have faith that I could finish the 26.2 miles.  It may be me being cocky, but I would like to think that I could complete 26.2 miles tomorrow if I had to - it would just involve more walking than I desire. So, I just keep saying, "You are completing 26.2 miles for those who can't...." and your time doesn't matter. 

As far as how I am dealing physically, I have muscle relaxers and vicodin but I haven't been taking them much.  I can mostly stand up straight.  When I am fatigued, though, I still lean a bit to one side.  I am wearing an ace bandage around my rib cage supporting the lat muscle as best as possible.  It seems to help so I will keep doing that until I feel better.  I am also using the heating pad quite frequently.  

I am still debating my plans for this week, per the schedule I should have 3 runs during the week: 3, 7, and 4 milers.  Then I have two races on the schedule Saturday for a total of 10 miles.  I am debating not running the scheduled runs this week to rest up for the races on Saturday (which I don't plan to race, I just want to complete without pain).  However, there is a part of me that is tied to the schedule - I HATE not doing what I am supposed to.  Only time will tell I suppose... 

Any exciting racing going on this weekend?  Any tips on getting this muscle healed quicker?? 


  1. good luck, being in pain is no fun at all. I hope you heal quickly.

  2. I'm not a doctor but if it were me I would probably take the week off and give yourself time to heal. Hope you feel better soon!