Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Testimonial Tuesday: Sparkle Tech Skirt

It's no secret - I am a big girl.  Yes, I have lost 125 pounds, but I am still not built like the stereotypical runner.  In addition to the loose skin that I have from weight loss, I am tall and have a large bone structure.  I have curves and no matter how much weight I lose, I always will!  My body shape has made finding running apparel very challenging.  Winter isn't too difficult, I can buy running pants and pull a cover-up type skirt over them and call it a day.  However, when the summer rolls around things are much more complicated.

I started out by looking at running shorts but I couldn't stand how badly the rode up between my thighs when I ran.  Next, I discovered running skirts.  I liked the idea of a skirt because it wouldn't ride up between my thighs and offered a bit more coverage.  I bought a nike skirt and its what I wore for my first half marathon - complete with LOTS of body glide.  Because I am nearly 6 foot tall, it just didn't work out for me - I felt exposed and the shorts underneath just weren't long enough to prevent riding up.

Being a blogger, I found many people swore by runningskirts.com so I ordered a couple of skirts from there to try.  Unfortunately, the shorts under rode up terribly and the waistband didn't fit correctly.  I would have spent every mile pulling down the shorts and pulling up the back of the skirt.  After this failure I just about gave up.  There were other sites but I didn't want to keep ordering and returning because shipping costs can really add up.

I had been contemplating one more company for a while but couldn't bring myself to spend more money to be disappointed.  I received an email about a sale form said company, and I decided on a whim to give my skirt search one last try.   Enter Sparkle Skirts, my running life will never be the same again!

I worked with Leah, the queen mum of Sparkle, and from the very beginning she provided excellent customer service.  I contacted her months ago about sizing concerns and she answered all my questions thoroughly and quickly.  At the time I decided not to order for budget reasons.   The sale was a VERY busy time for Leah but she still managed to respond to emails in a timely  and friendly manner.  I would argue that she provided the best customer service I have ever received.

What do I love about my Sparkle Tech skirt?  
    - the shorts DO NOT ride up
    - the skirt is long enough to provide coverage but not long enough to interfere
    - the cut of the skirt camouflages any flaws you might want to hide
    - the pockets on each leg allow me to carry my camera and cell phone with no bouncing
    - the huge zipper pocket at the waist holds money, ID, and fuel with room to spare
    - the waistband comes up  high enough that it doesn't create a muffin top
    - the waistband stays in place even during long runs
    - its fun and there are tons of cute options available
    - you get noticed on the course and it can be a great motivator during a race
    - no more cringing at race photos, I know my thighs/rear will be covered, no questions asked
    - the skirt is light weight and much more breathable than any of my other skirts
    - all skirts are made in the US
    - skirt fit true to size
    - super fast delivery (I got my skirt within 3 days during the busy sale)

Here are a few photos of my skirt (Peacock in Bordeaux) in action..

I have worn my sparkle skirt exclusively for every long run since I received it as well as a couple races and I honestly haven't found anything wrong with it.  The only problem?  I need another one (or 2, or 4!)

I've been drooling at the other skirts on the website since I received my first one... they are all so awesome and I can't wait to build my collection!  Check them out,  Leah is super and these skirts are amazing!


  1. I have eyed the sparkle site for sometime now and Plan on buying one for my upcoming half in October. I am glad to hear that the shorts dont ride up. I have a hard time finding shorts and came to the conculision no matter how much I lose I have very muscular thighs and they will always pose a problem when looking for shorts.
    Reading this post makes me confident in buying a sparkle skirt to rock my rock n roll half next month!

  2. i just got that skirt in blue - I LOVE IT! So pretty