Friday, July 15, 2011

I am the worst blogger ever.

I had great intentions of getting online last night and putting together a blog post, but unfortunately after a long day of errands I just ran out of time and energy.

It's been a rough week or two me motivation wise. Its been hard watching the scale stay stuck (or go up a few pounds and then back down). I have been able to keep at the running because I know I have to to be prepared for my half marathon in September, but the whole food choices and swimmming have not been as good. I have been super tired and just feel like I am dragging. I am hopeful that something will give soon and my energy will return.

Anyway, the point to this story is that I needed a morale boost, and what better than retail therapy?! I have been in search of a hydration belt so I checked a few low price retailers in town and finally found a Nathans 4 bottle belt for $20 at TJ Max. Not a great deal, but better than full price. I don't know if I will use the fuel belt for races, but I wanted to try one out on my training runs so that I don't have to carry a bottle of water in my hands. After getting the hydration belt I decided to drop by the running store about the wear problem on my shoes. Long story short, they agreed it wasn't normal and I have a new pair of shoes on order. Hopefully it was just a bad pair and these next ones work out better. I love my Brooks Adrenaline and don't want to change shoes if I don't have to!

I promised the kids lunch, so we went to the mall so they could eat lunch and I ate my packed lunch. (Yep, I packed myself a salad... very proud of that!) After lunch we decided to just walk around and browse the stores - well, I did and they didn't get a say in it! I happened to pass Banana Republic and saw they were having a big sale so I just had to go in. I am a new blogger, so many of you may not know this, but I am a HUGE sucker for sales! I hate paying retail for anything! I spent at least an hour browsing and trying things on. I walked out with a big bag full and spent just over $100! And, then I hit up Express and bought a few things there too, though the deals were not as good! Let me tell you, no better retail therapy than being able to walk into a "regular" store and buy clothes. I never thought I would get there, NEVER. I can now shop at most the trendy stores and for the most part can wear what I want. I do still have some issues because of my height and finding things that are made for someone with a bigger than "C" cup bust - but all in all, things are much more available. This has to be my last retail therapy for a while, but it was a blast! Now, this isn't running or health related or even exciting, but because I am such a dork, I have to detail my purchases:
- Banana Republic dress - retail $130 -> paid $18.44
- Banana Republic Cord Pants - retail $79.50 -> paid $0.58
- Banana Republic Cord Skirt - retail $59.50 -> paid $2.38
- Banana Republic Tweed Skirt - retail $79.50 -> paid $4.78
- Banana Republic lace trimmed tee - retail $39.50 -> paid $9.87
- Banana Republic silk top - retail $69.50 -> paid $6.28
- 2 pairs of Banana Republic Pants for DH - retail $59.50 each -> paid $18.74 each
- Express Cami - retail $22.90 -> paid $5.99
- Express Lace Trimmed Cami - retail $29.90 -> paid $5.99
- Express Skirt - retail $49.90 -> paid $11.99
- Express White Woven Shirt - retail $49.90 -> paid $11.99

The core exercises went off without a hitch. I did some planks and such. I know I should be more detailed, but this post is already long and I still have to make my exciting race announcement! I will do more detail on the core exercises maybe this weekend. My run yesterday wasn't terribly exciting either, 2 miles run around my cul-de-sac street in the heat with no music. I struggled to not give up - but I am proud to say I stuck to it and got it done.

Now, on to the more exciting part of this post: I AM GOING TO ST LOUIS TO DO THE ROCK N ROLL HALF MARATHON IN OCTOBER!! I have been wanting to do a destination race for a little while but never wanted to do it alone. I was talking with fellow blogger "L" and she invited me to tag along with her and friends while they do the half. At first I was hesitant because I wasn't sure how to make it work logistically, but the more I thought about it, the more excited I got. I talked to my hubby and we decided that it was something I should do. Within a couple of days I had purchased plane tickets, booked a hotel room, and registered for the race! I am super excited and know that I will have a blast with "C", "L", and "A". This trip will interesting for me - I am using this trip to address some of my fears. I will be flying for the first time in 5 years and I am TERRIFIED of flying. I plan to go up in the Arch and I am claustrophobic and scared that the arch will somehow collapse with me inside it! For most of my life I have had these ridiculous fears and I am trying to overcome them so that they don't rule my life.

Sorry my posts aren't more interesting! Hopefully I won't scare off my whole 2 readers! :)


  1. OMGoodness - bargainista!!! holy cow - girl you paid 58 cents for some pants???????? WHAT!!!!!!!! Sounds like it was well worth the therapy session : ) Love that you feel good when you can go into the regular size stores - I miss it and am looking forward to getting back there!

    St. Louis here we come!!!!!!!! It's going to be so much fun!!!!

    yay for core exercises! I have done none - boo to me!

    2 miles in the heat - girl, that's an accomplishment all by itself.

    Hey - I was at 3RRCo today too - I bought a massager (for my left quad), 2 body glides, and ordered a new (tar free) pair of shoes. Yesterdays' run got even more tar on them - sigh!!!!!

    Great post- I hear your enthusiasm even if it feels like your motivation is down. Sometimes all the fatigue is caused by over-training. You do a LOT of training (not all running, but running combined with other stuff) - might be worth mentioning to Eric when he gets back or other bloggers might be able to weigh in on the topic. You might be able to google too - over-training's #1 symptom is fatigue (just a thought).

    "C's" a reader - she's just busy dealing with snow and ice (like we feel sorry for her!!!). She'll be back soon and catch up on your posts. Love that you got Daily Mile - kind of a pain logging it in both DM and R2W, but I like DM - are we friends on DM - invite me - we should be!!!!

    Have a great weekend!!!

  2. I am totally a bargainista! I am always getting my clothes for 75% off or more! Which is a good thing because I have bought ALOT of clothing in the last 9 months. Not that I am complaining, its been great to need smaller sizes, but still expensive!

    I am totally excited about St Louis and already dreaming of the Nike Women's Half in October 2012 - its lottery based and such, but I really want to do it. Just gotta rope some others into doing it with me. haha.

    No luck getting the tar off your shoes huh? I guess I better wear old shoes for the Parlor City 10 miler or your country roads might ruin my shoes too? ;)

    I have been wondering about over-training actually. Thats part of why I have been cutting back the swimming, but as a result my weight isn't going down, so its frustrating all around. I think a good nights sleep would help - I only get about 5 hours a night and I think that my little morning naps only make me more tired!

    Glad to hear that "C" is a reader too - I just assumed two readers because I have two followers! I am definitely not feeling any sympathy for "C" and her battle with snow and ice. I would take it over this heat anyday! I am such a wimp when it comes to heat!