Thursday, July 21, 2011

Pink Eye!

Bad news for me: I have pink eye! Because of that I wasn't able to go swimming yesterday. Instead I ran twice outside yesterday. Let me tell you that I can't wait to get done with this heat!
3.63 miles - 32:51 ran most of this, except for about a quarter of mile
2.65 miles - 35:36 run/walk with my half marathon classmates, SO fun :)

Running at two different times of the day made me realize that as an outdoor runner, I have two choices when it comes to suffering. So, this brings me to my first question of this blog post. Do you prefer to run when its a cooler temperature with higher humidity or a warmer temperature with lower humidity?

I missed swimming yesterday so I decided to go this morning. However I decided to just kick with a kick board to keep my eye out of the water. Because this is REALLY boring I only did 30 minutes, but after swimming I got out and ran 2.53 miles in 21:41. I really struggled this morning, the humidity seems impossible to handle. However, one more run marked off the schedule, now I can look forward to my 7 mile run on Saturday.

Speaking of my 7 mile run on Saturday, I will be out of town so I get to run with some new scenery. I mapped out a route online using google maps and sent it to my hubby so he knows where to look for me if I don't return. I am hopeful that I can manage to stay on track diet wise while we are down visiting family! Which brings me to my second set of questions for today:
- How do you manage running when you are in an area you are unfamiliar with? Will you run alone? Run on a treadmill?
- Any helpful tips on how to stay on track with a diet when you are traveling and/or staying with family?

Sorry nothing more interesting today, I will harder to be exciting next time! :D


  1. What are you talking about "not interesting"? - This was a great post!

    So, I'd say which did you prefer with yesterday as your comparison - cooler/more humidity of the morning or did you prefer the evening hotter/less humidity? I think yesterday would have been a super great comparison since it occurred in the same day for you. Having run on Tuesday morning and Wednesday evening - I completely vote morning to avoid the accumulated heat the day collects and lays seize on you with an evening run.

    Your other question about running in a new place. When I used to run back in the army, I would run in new areas if I was 100% they were safe (that was 10+ years ago) and I rather enjoyed the adventure it brought. These days I rework my running schedule so I can avoid having to run while out of town. If I have to run while out of town, I opt for the treadmill or keeping it short (like a 1.5 mile out and back route in a super safe area!!!!).

    I really am not the person to take diet advice from (but I recommend you visit - she's the super hero on that front). I have been making some efforts in doing better while with my family and I highly recommend bringing some food you can share and "introduce" to your family kind of like my 4th of July family reunion "hummus station" (page 365 on my blog). Good luck! Be safe and have a great time!

    p.s. I LOVED our time together last night - I'm sorry if it's a waste for you, but it was totally a lot of fun for me!!!

  2. Honestly I don't think I preferred one over the other, does that make me a freak? It may be the difference in intensity too though, so hard to say! I will probably ask Eric what he thinks when he gets back! :)

    I cant believe you were in the army! My dad was in for over 20 years! I think I am 100% sure it will be safe. It's not like I am the ideal target, I am not some 5'2 blonde bombshell (thank goodness). Plus, like I told my mom, they would have to catch me first! ;)

    I am definitely watching healthy Strides to see if she has any tips. I always worry about offending people by bringing my own food, but I think you are right that its about the only way to guarantee you are eating what you want. And, honestly, its not even about wanting to lose weight, my body goes into revolt if I eat too much "crap food". I saw the hummus station post, what a great idea. It actually inspired me to try hummus (I had never had it before). It wasn't bad, the kind I had wasn't super flavorful though! :(

    I LOVED running with you guys too. It is a struggle for me to run at a slower speed, but I definitely don't think its a waste. It is getting me more miles on my feet plus its forcing me to work on slowing down which is something I want to do! :) I wish I could find a way to run with you guys more frequently!!

    Have a good weekend!