Monday, July 11, 2011

Long Run: 0, Jenn: 1

I woke up bright and early Saturday really dreading the 6 miles that I had ahead of me. I hadn't slept as much as I wanted the night before because I am a slacker and put off packing for our trip to Michigan. I must have been feeling brave because I decided to try out the new wicking underwear that fellow blogger Wells L recommends on her gear page. I probably should have tried them out on a shorter run, but I am happy to report that they were fantastic! When I get around to a gear/recommendation page I will be including them!

Anyway, onto the actual RUNNING. I started running before it was totally light out - while I enjoyed the cool, I wasn't super comfortable running until the sun was up. I started out slow knowing that I needed to keep a slower pace or risk not being able to finish. I kept one earbud out so that I could listen to my "app" on my phone which gives me stats on my run every 5 minutes. I was shooting to stay somewhere close to 10 minute miles. I think I did pretty well considering I am the WORST at pacing!
Mile 1 - 10:18 total
Mile 2 - 19:55 total --- + 9:37
Mile 3 - 29:12 total --- + 9:17
Mile 4 - 38:27 total --- + 9:15
Mile 5 - 47:59 total --- + 9:32
Mile 6 - 56:42 total --- + 8:43

I don't know much about pacing, but I think I remember somewhere reading that having negative splits was a good thing, so I will be happy that for the most part these are negative splits. And, even if I hadn't read that somewhere, I would think that its better to start slow and finish strong.

I was all prepared to write about the point at which I felt like I couldn't go any further, I looked at my map and figured out where it was mileage wise and not surprisingly it happened between miles 4 and 5 when I had a slower split. I was running out of steam and wanting to quit. I rounded the corner and as if it were put there JUST for me, to provide the encouragement I needed, there was a van with a "26.2" sticker. Now, 10 months ago I would have been discouraged by that sticker, but on Saturday it was just the motivation I needed. I thought to myself, "if they can run 26.2 miles, you can certainly finish 6." I also had a moment where I visualized realizing my new "bucket list" dream of finishing a full marathon. It was just what I needed to keep moving and finish up mile 5 and 6 strong.

Overall, it felt MARVELOUS to finish this long run. This is only the second time I have run more than 5 miles at a time. Since my first experience was a race, I was afraid that the adrenaline from the race had pushed me past what I could accomplish on my own. Not to mention I had two walk breaks during that 10k, courtesy of two monster hills (one was uphill, the other downhill) - guess thats how it got its name of the "Beast 10k".

One major downside to this run was that I did 6 miles all on residential association streets. It was boring and hard to stay focused and motivated. Thank goodness for my ipod shuffle! So, that leads me to two questions I have for my readers:
1. What are your favorite running songs?
2. Anyone in the Ft Wayne/Huntertown have any close trails they would recommend? I have done the Parkview Y loop, but I am looking for something new.

This is a "rest" week so my long run will only be 5 miles this week, which is much appreciated after the sunburn I got this weekend while on my in-laws boat! It was a blast so it was worth the sunburn, but it is rough running when it hurts to wear a sports bra and tennis shoes! (I burnt my collarbone/shoulder area and the tops of my feet the worst!) I am looking forward to seeing if I can run 7 miles next week, if I can, it will be the longest I have ever run in my life!


  1. So you are becoming the pacing queen - rock star runner!!! Way to crush that 6 miler - girl, you're amazing!!!!!

    Chris would be the perfect person to ask about music - maybe she'll even bring you her ipod playlist. I'm not into music very much. might be just the person to ask about northern FW running routes. We run a 5 mile loop near the Jorg Y which is VERY hilly. It's a nice run on a path. We also run the middle section of the F4F that is around Foster Park, down the greenway to Calhoun, and back up to Lexington down Old Mill and back up South Wayne over on Rudisill back to Foster Park. There is also a route that we have heard LOTS about that starts at Johnny Appleseed park and runs toward IPFW near some trees???? I'm sure Eric would know that. The only other thought I had was how far are you from Chain O' Lakes state park. I LOVE trail running and use it occasionally to add challenges and interest to my runs. I also just run on park roads a great deal of the time.
    Your weekend boating sounds fun!!!
    Can't wait to see you Wednesday.

  2. Thanks, its hard watching my times get slower but I know I need to work more on pacing than speed to succeed with the F4F.

    I will have to talk to Chris about music. And I will try to remember to ask Eric about any running routes that he might be able to recommend. I want to stay off roads as much as possible so I don't have to worry about getting run over quite as much! :)

    I looked up the Chain o Lakes State Park, its about 20 miles North of me. You should let me know if you ever head up there to do some trail running, I would love to do it, but wouldn't do it alone! :)

    Speaking of Wednesday, are you guys planning to run after class? I was thinking I might try to do my run Wednesday morning and try out you guys' interval stuff if you are running after class :)

    Oh, and I will head over to rustbeltrunner and check it out! :) See you Wednesday!