Friday, July 29, 2011

Life is Crazy Busy

As my title suggests, I am super busy right now and am struggling to find the time to sit down to compose or read blogs. I promise I will get all caught up come Sunday or Monday. I have had alot of duties to handle with my homeowners association which is always fun. Daniel had pictures today too, which always takes way longer than it should.

I have to run out the door soon to go help tear down our association's old play equipment, but I wanted to post to let everyone know I am still here and haven't forgotten about all of you.

While I am at it, my weekly weigh in:

Week 42: Down 3 pounds
Total lost: 120.4 pounds
Left to goal: 11.2 pounds


  1. Neighborhood associations - a blessing and a curse. I used to be on the board when I lived in VA - ahh, the good ol' days!!! Great job on your weight loss! Have a good weekend!!!

  2. Daily Mile isn't letting me comment (AGAIN) so here is what I typed on your DM about your AWESOME long run . . .

    Oh sweet goodness - that's an amazing performance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Really, how in the world - girl, I take, seriously, twice that time to do 8 miles - I want to be fast like you!!! You crushed it! A win? Heck, that's a FREAKIN' stand on the podium Olympic Champ kinda run!!! Great job!!! Sooooooo amazed at how awesome you are doing - WOW!