Saturday, July 16, 2011

More Retail Therapy!

But, this time it was necessary and related to running. :) I went to Dicks today to return an Under Armour shirt that was falling apart. While I was there of course I had to check the clearance racks. Right now, they have 50% off clearance merchandise ending in .97 I don't have a ton of real running apparel so I had to look. Here's what I found:

2 x Under Armour HeatGear Get it Started Tee
Under Armour AllSeasonGear Reversible Temperature Regulation Long Sleeve Tee
Under Armour ColdGear Long Sleeve Turtle Neck Tee
Under Armour AllSeasonGear Compression Capri/Shorts
Nike DriFit Running Skirt (going to see if I can deal with the super short length)
Speedo Swim Trunks - for hubby obviously
Harbinger Wrist Wrap Gloves - for the warrior dash
Gummy worms - for the kiddos

The retail on all this would have been $364 but I paid only $126. And, actually, the shirt I returned was $25, so technically I only spent $100. (And bonus, I was able to get a replacement for the Under Armour shirt I returned for half the price I paid for it the first time, which is why I bought two. Woohoo)

Anyway, if anyone in the Ft Wayne area is in need of running/workout stuff, you might want to check out Dick's. They don't have a ton, but I got some great prices.


  1. I have sent this post to several of my FW bloggy friends - maybe they will stop by your blog PLUS get some bargains. I'm jealous of you bargainista deals. Holly from and Chris both have a LOT of luck at TJ Maxx and Masrshalls - for what that's worth.

  2. I will definitely keep my eye on TJ Maxx and Marshalls - I found a shirt the other day,but I may be taking it back since it was more expensive than the second Under Armour shirt I just bought! I am in love with that shirt, seriously I want it in every color its available in! :)

    I wasn't able to spend as much time looking at TJ Maxx and Marshalls as I wanted the other day - two little kids makes that pretty difficult! hah. Maybe I will get to look when I return the shirt I bought...

  3. That's a great snag at Dicks! Wow!
    I actually got my running skirt from Old Navy and I'm a HUGE fan of it (I went back and bought another after I first tried it out).
    I might swing by Dicks as well and see what they have in my area. Thanks for the tip!

  4. Cupcake - I read about your positive experience with the Old Navy skirts, so that was actually the first place I checked, but couldn't find any. I plan to keep watching!