Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My mail is taunting me!

So after picking up my daughter from preschool today, I came home to a package at my doorstep.  I was excited to open it (I have ordered quite a few items online the last week or two and I didn't know which item it was).  After opening the box, I decided that my mail was taunting me...

I am DESPERATE to get out there and run, and now I really want to try out my new "toy."  AHHHH, I suck at patience.  I know I need to heal so I am trying not to rush it.  But, I really want to get out there and get moving again.   Thanks to everyone for their support and input on my last post - I will be trying your suggestions.

I did swim today, only half an hour though, it felt like I was drowning.  The water was so foreign to me after a month off.  Hoping it will go better tomorrow.  It's not exactly comfortable to swim though so I may just do 30 minutes a day this week until I get the MRI to confirm its not a stress fracture.   I was disappointed to find that I am too tall for aqua jogging at the Y pool.  Either that or I need aqua jogging lessons - I could not figure it out today!


  1. Never heard of being too tall for aqua jogging - pretty sure that's not the case. How deep is the pool? You can run on the bottom of the pool just as you would run on land (remembering form) or you can run in the deep end with or without a belt.
    Think about your new Garmin as the prize for getting better (not as the torture taunting you while you are recovering). Just think how awesome a pain free run with your new gadget will be :)

  2. I am apparently retarded, I couldn't get the motion right trying to run in place in the pool. I was hoping to do it in the deep end wearing a belt, but my feet still touch the ground - lol.

    You are always so positive - something I am striving for, but its a work in progress! Thats a great way to look at the Garmin - a prize for getting better. I think the hardest part is not having a real diagnosis and timeline right now.