Monday, October 3, 2011

Could use some encouragement!

I started running in January.. and thankfully things have gone relatively smoothly.  I broke my toe in April/May on the pool deck just weeks before my first 10k - but other than that I have been injury free.  Not even a blister.  I was counting myself lucky.  I figured that given the digestive problems running creates for me I deserved that lack of  injuries.  Apparently, karma caught up to me...apparently my kryptonite is high heeled boots!

You read that right - high heeled boots.  Not the half marathon - not the months of training, no... the high heeled boots.  And, actually I guess thats not totally true, it was probably a combination of things, but I am blaming the boots.  Hubby and I went to a Cirque du Soleil show here in town the day after the half.  I figured we don't get to go out for date night often, so what better way to celebrate than with dressing up?  That meant the high heeled boots had to come out of the closet - and honestly I felt FINE, why shouldn't I wear them?  Somehow though, between the combination of training, running the half, and then dressing up in these super fun boots, I managed to screw up my foot/ankle.  There was no specific instant where I injured it, it was just that sort of pain you wake up with. At first I thought the pain would just go away, you know - the type of pain that is there one day and gone the next?  Yeah, not so much.  So, I went to my PCP where I was diagnosed with plantar fascitis - UM, hello... NO WAY!  Either way I took my diagnosis and scooted out the door because it was clear he was convinced thats what it was.   I did some googling and decided that I thought I had some sort of tendonitis and gave myself a treatment plan of rest, ice, and ibuprofen!

Fast forward to today - after a weekend full of walking at Kings Island and the Cincinnati Zoo and running 6 miles I could barely get out of bed this morning.  My foot was swollen (this was a first) and slightly discolored...
Sort of hard to see, but my left foot is swollen near the ankle
After talking to my mom and emailing with "L" over at "My Story...Chapter 2" I decided that I should get it looked at again.  I called my insurance company and several ortho places here and town and got in today (talk about lucky - but that's where my luck would end).   So after x-rays and an exam I was given the diagnosis that it is most likely peroneal tendonitis.  I was told they could do an MRI to rule out a stress fracture but her treatment was going to be the same regardless, but once I told her that I was determined to do St Louis she ordered an MRI to make sure I don't injure myself further.  Of course, they can't get me in until next Monday for an MRI due to pre-certification required by my insurance - ugh!  I should know more by next Tuesday - but in the mean time I am going stir crazy.  I am  DYING to run - I have really come to love running.  It's killing me to sit here and not be able to run.  I will be swimming in the mean time to try to somehow keep my fitness for my half in 3 weeks.  But, thats about all I can do - I am stuck sporting this "pretty little thing" until who knows when (they didn't tell me how long I have to keep this darn thing on?) 

Struggling to be positive about it.  I could take lessons from "J" in my half marathon class - he was sporting one of these up until a month before the half and yet he never once let it get him down.  Unfortunately, I am failing at that big time!  

In the mean time I am debating getting rid of my "sexy boots" to prevent this type of injury in the future.  I am also looking forward to next Tuesday when I have my follow up and can get the Prednisone therapy that she said should speed recovery.

Reader Poll:  Anyone have any tips on how to stay in shape for a half when you can't run?  Also, how do you transition from being a runner to possibly having to walk (slowly) a half?


  1. What a bummer! I hope you heal quickly.

    Do you have access to a pool? Swimming or aqua jogging could help you stay in shape without undue pressure on your foot.

    I think the most important thing is to not rush recovery. My husband sprained his ankle and, 6 weeks later, he's still nursing it because he wouldn't take it easy. At least that's my diagnosis.

    Chin up!

  2. Aqua jogging and swimming - maybe one session of each at the intensity you would have run (I remember Eric saying that cross training should be done at the same intensity because your heart and lungs don't know the difference in activity). I also know you didn't gain fitness in a day and can't loose it in a day (or 3 weeks before the St. Louis race) either. I'm definitely with Kimbelry - dont' rush it. It's NOT worth it. Rush it and get more injured and not be able to do LOTS of races . . .or take your time, get better and be able to do all those things on your 2012 and beyond schedule. I have one of those sexy boots. If it would make any difference perhaps John and I could break out our boots and join you for a night on the town!!! Ha1. I obviously didn't read this post before I emailed you - hence the prednisone suggestion (super awesome idea by the way) or about the xray (glad they did that first before ordering an MRI).
    Take it one day at a time - knowing it's not the end of the world and that it could be sooo much worse should be comforting. If this is the worst running injury you get, you've got it whipped!!!! Slow and steady wins the race - errr, recovery!!!!

  3. Ahhh no!! I'm sorry to hear this. :(
    I have to agree with "L", water exercise is the best route. It's such great cardio without all of the shock/trauma on your joints and bones.

    Don't rush it at all. You will have to focus on substituting water sports for running. But I have faith, you can do this. And if you feel yourself starting to lose your mind, you can always reach out to some of us bloggers- we're a very supportive group! :)