Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Rock N Roll St Louis Race Weekend Recap - Post 1 of many!

Sorry its taken me so long to get to this, I have been trying to catch up on sleep from a busy few days since I got home.  I am having to get up early in the morning and I am not so good at mornings anymore!  Oh well, on to more interesting things - my trip to St Louis!

I was very nervous leaving the house Friday - its only the second time I have spent more than a few hours away from my kids (and last time I was only an hour away).  Once I got in the car I was feeling pretty relaxed  - some of you may not know but I am terrified of flying.  I was doing great right up until I pulled up to the airport and a plane takes off right over top of my car.  The nerves were back in full force!  I was nervous about security - I was afraid they would take my stick from me because they saw it as "club-like," they inspected it VERY thoroughly but finally let me get through with it - Thank Goodness!  After waiting for quite a while I was on the plane to Chicago - the flight was rather uneventful and I was feeling good when I landed in Chicago.  After a quick lunch at Chili's in the airport I was on my last flight for the day to St Louis.  This was a much bigger plane and that seemed to make the flight easier for me.  I even took pictures!

Upon arriving in St Louis I took the MetroLink from the airport to the stop at 8th and Pine (my hotel was at 4th and Pine.)  I was surprised at how easy the train was - its DEFINITELY the way to go if you need to get from the airport to downtown and don't have a ton of baggage.  It cost me less than $7 round trip - much cheaper than the airport shuttles or a taxi!  I love the feel of a new big city - I am frequently just in awe of all the cool architecture and culture and St Louis was no different.  I snapped a few pictures on my way to the hotel.  I was pleasantly surprised by the room at my hotel - I was on the 21st floor and the room was awesome with a great view!  

 And, did I mention the VIEW?!?!

After dropping off my luggage and enjoying the view for a few minutes I headed over to packet pick up at the expo.  I was pleased to find it wasn't too far of a walk.  Nothing too exciting at the expo, a few freebies and merchandise for purchase.  I was also able to get my ankle taped by a guy with KT tape - thank goodness it worked out perfectly for the half on Sunday.  I don't have the greatest pics of our group at the expo, but here are a few expo pictures.

Borrowed from "Wells L" because its so much better than mine!

I had intended to write much more tonight but I am falling asleep typing this entry so the other details will have to wait. 


  1. You are killing me with suspense! I understand...you're human and need sleep. :) I will wait, but I'm not promising to be patient. Ha, ha, ha.

    Already looks so fun!!!

  2. Haha, I am the worst blogger EVER. Its a rough week for me, I am spending almost all day every day in the car!

    To help your suspense, I can tell you that I didn't run as fast as I did for my first half, but I am more satisfied with my performance! I hope to get the rest of my recap done before the weekend!