Thursday, January 26, 2012

Breaking the Bank!

It's been an off week for me with my husband gone.  I haven't run since Tuesday and I am feeling pretty bad about it.  Wednesday I decided against running because I just wasn't feeling it (achy and tired) so I was already considering skipping, then I did something to my back while getting my daughter ready for school.  Not sure what it was, but it was a sharp intense pain - it eventually went away but I didn't want to risk it.  Then today I woke up to a school cancellation.  This would seem like a good thing to many people, but for me it slashed my motivation.  I normally work out while my daughter goes to preschool, so with school cancelled, I opted for another rest day.  Honestly, I could probably use it.. my feet and ankles still ache!  (Is this normal?!?  They ache when I am NOT running but I typically can run pain free.. injury?  or just normal runner's aches?)

After struggling with some pretty serious depression on Tuesday and Wednesday, I was feeling much better today.  I am happy to say that for the first day since my husband left I have not relied on food to calm me down. I came in 10 calories under my calorie goals for today and I am hoping to see some sort of movement on the scale.  But, as long as it doesn't go up I will count it as a win.

In an effort to make myself feel better about not running today, I have been researching the Disney Marathon.  My race plans have changed and I decided to shift it out a year.  Because we live so far from Florida - if I was do go by myself I would have to fly which would be terribly expensive.  So, instead of spending $1500 (I am guessing here, I have no clue) to go for a few days by myself I figured I should make it a family vacation.  I sent some initial requests trying to get pricing.  Granted, I know its not going to be accurate, but I figured at least getting a ballpark figure could help me start planning our plan to save money.

Let's just say that I had a minor heart attack when I got the quote... combine the fact that we will actually have to pay for both our kids next time, plus the prices just seem to inflate every year - our trip is going to cost us probably double what it cost us in 2010.  Yikes!  And, that doesn't include race costs and souvenirs.  I am really hoping we can make it happen... but the sticker shock has me reconsidering! But, really, who wouldn't want to earn a pretty Mickey medal?  I have heard there are 2 "must do" marathons (well, besides Boston... but I have no chance of every qualifying for that!) - Disney and Greece.   While Greece may never happen, I would love to cross Disney off my list.

Not to mention if I start saving up for this it affects my plans to do several Rock n Roll races in 2013... hmmm
Anyone know where I can find a money tree?! Hah!


  1. rest is as good if not better sometimes than training - smart decision.

    see you Sunday!

  2. Hi this is Vanessa from :) We got a discount on our hotel because we did one of those timeshare presentations. Might be worth looking into something like that. Also, if you volunteer at one of the races, you get free entry to the parks. Since there are so many races that weekend, it should be fairly easy to volunteer for one of them, run another one, and still have time to hit up the parks. Hope that helps a little. Good luck, you'll love the race!

  3. It can be expensive to do the Disney races for sure. You might want to consider checking in to renting DVC points - that would allow you to stay at a DVC resort and have a kitchenette where you could cut food costs by fixed breakfasts, snacks and other meals in your room. Also, keep your eyes open for Disney resort discounts as that may help you as well. Check for other potential discounts on things at Walt Disney World.

    I can tell you if you can swing it, the WDW Full Marathon is amazing! Lots of on course entertainment, support, running through the parks and some cool bling. 2013 will be the 20th anniversary of the WDW Full Marathon and that means there will more than likely be a commemorative medal and some special things going on for it as well!

    Good luck, I hope you can make it work for you and the family!