Sunday, January 8, 2012

Weekend Recap

It was a pretty uneventful weekend here.  It's hard getting used to not having a race or a long run to squeeze in... I am sort of looking forward to getting back on a set training schedule so I have something to look forward to every weekend!  It may only be a long run, but I thrive on schedules and "getting it accomplished."

I spent most of Saturday looking at schedules and trying to figure out my race schedule and vacations with my husbands time off available for the year.  We have "big plans" for the end of the year and my planner-self needed to know if we could pull them off!

While doing my searching, I found out that I could register for the Detroit Half Marathon in October for only $45 if I did it by the end of the day Saturday.  That left me with a pretty big decision to make.  My original plan was to apply for Nike Women's in San Fran this year and if I didn't get in Detroit was my "back-up plan."  But the price was right and with trying to raise money for St Jude this year it just didn't seem like the time to waste $800+ on a cross country race!  Hopefully I will get to do it in the future though - will see how that pans out...

Long story short after this weekend I am officially planning on completing the following races in 2012:
   - Oak Barrel Half in Lynchburg, Tennessee on April 7, 2012  - registered
   - Indy Mini in Indianapolis, Indiana on May 5, 2012  - registered
   - Indy Women's Half in Indianapolis on September 1, 2012  - will register by the end of the month
   - Detroit Free Press International Half in Detroit, Michigan on October 21, 2012 - registered
   - St Jude's Marathon in Memphis, Tennessee on December 1, 2012 - registration set to open in May

Anyone want to do the Indy Women's Half with me?  Pretty please!  I was hoping to find some people to do it with me and maybe we could split the cost of hotels or whatever.

We are making the Detroit trip as well as the Memphis trip "extra special" trips by adding a day to do the zoo at each location.  Not a huge expense (especially since they are reciprocal zoos with our zoo membership so we should get 50% off the admission prices), but it will sure make it more fun for the kids and more like a family vacation than just me dragging the family along to watch me run.   In addition we are planning to go to Alabama  this year for Christmas - hooray!  I am SO excited about that!

The kids spent most of Saturday and Sunday coloring up a storm.  I swear I have never seen two kids spend so much time coloring in two days... if they weren't eating or sleeping, they were coloring!  I felt like the probably should done something else, but hey... they enjoyed themselves.  Natalie wanted to help with my blog post so she decided to color a couple pictures especially for me to share with you guys..

Outside of grocery shopping, my only other excitement for the weekend was a nice 4 mile run I got in this "morning."  I say morning because we chose to lounge around in bed and take our time getting moving this morning so I didn't head out until like 11:00 but it was the first thing I did when I "got up" this morning.  I haven't had a lazy day like that in a while.

I grabbed Phoenix (my mini crazy, overweight australian shepherd)and headed out for 2-3 miles.  It's nice not having the stress of a plan right now, I can run just what I am feeling that day.  It was beautiful out today... not too cold but just cold enough to make sure I didn't get too hot while running.  About 1.5 miles in I decided I was just going to run until I wanted to stop, I was thinking 5-6 miles.... unfortunately my puppy had other plans.  He was dead at about 3.5 miles so I had to come home at 4 miles.  I suppose I could have went  back out by myself, but that didn't happen.  Either way it was an awesome, enjoyable run at a pretty good pace.  I ran 4 miles in a little over 33 minutes.... my average pace worked out to 8:21/mile.  Not bad for a relaxed Sunday run!

As far as my "diet resolution" - I did pretty good this weekend as compared to other weekends when I was in my hardcore "dieting" days.  I ate slightly more than during the week but felt like I chose wisely and 98% of the calories I ate were healthy foods.   I managed to get in 8 bottles of water both days too... so we shall see what the scale says tomorrow morning!


  1. MOA and I were just talking about the Indy Women's Half. Stay tuned I guess. Hotel room sharing probably wouldn't work with her travel schedule, but at least there's an option we might be there. Will let you know.

  2. I am considering the Indy Women's half, especially since it's uber cheap and I want to do the 4-miler not the half at F4F. I am not sure if I'll have the boys but if not, I might be up for sharing.

  3. Sounds good guys - just keep me up to date :)