Monday, January 30, 2012

A Visual Reminder

I had planned to post about my weekend run and the local running club's banquet today.  Instead, I spent most of my day doubting myself as a runner.  I have been dealing with some pains lately and its been making me wonder if I should just give up.

To counteract the negativity I was feeling I decided I needed to start looking into future races.  If I have a race on my calendar I will be less likely to slack off when i am feeling down.  So, I registered for a few small races today.   I am looking forward to the Fanny Freezer on February 11 - it was my first ever race when I started running last year and I am looking foward to seeing how I do this year!

Signing up for the Fanny Freezer caused me to start reminiscing, so I was browsing through my old race photos and such on facebook.  I came across some pictures that reminded me why I run, even when it isn't easy.

I may have shared some of these in the past, and if so, I am sorry!  Just, wanted to get them all in one place on my blog!

My "before" pictures.

Disney - Feb 2010 (and no, I am not pregnant!)
October 2010? 

This was after about 4-5 months of dieting

This comparison still shocks me

The Jan 2012 picture and the Sept 2011 picture above are about the same weight.  Wish I could say that I had lost more, but proud to be be maintaining for the most part. 
Yep, those pictures were all I needed to remind me why I run.  I run for my health, to be a better mom to my kids, to make sure I don't die prematurely from obesity related health problems.  I am so grateful for my success thus far and I truly feel blessed to have come this far.


  1. Yeah - look at that! Great job!

  2. That is amazing! You should be so proud! And I can even tell a big difference in the Sept 2011/January 2012 photos-you are leaner, more muscular in the January photos! Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. You look amazing and the running picture really shows off your leg muscles!

  4. Jenn - Thanks for posting over at my site (

    This was the first year the that Goofy Challenge used one bib for both races. I was worried about how beat up it would get since they are using B Tags that stay on the back of the bib, but it functioned properly both days!

    Those are amazing photos. Congratulations on your weight loss - you've done an amazing job!