Friday, January 27, 2012

Running Apparel SUCKS

I am researching options for a new style of running skirt and let me tell you it is depressing.  Even after having lost 120 pounds, I am still at the top of the available sizes in most things.  Depressing, truly.   I know its because running clothes aren't made for big people, but its still mentally difficult to be in the "big size" again.

And, even more frustrating is when the size charts make no sense.   According to measurements I need one size and according to the "pants size" referenced I need another size.  Of course, you can exchange if you get the wrong size, but typically you then still have extra shipping charges.

Running apparel manufacturers take note... just because I am not a size 6 doesn't mean I want to look frumpy when I run!


  1. I can't relate entirely but I do find it incredibly frustrating that I have to go up sizes in clothes. It's as if the companies want to make you work harder to regain the self esteem they have stolen! And, FYI, Running Skirts run small. My friend ordered up for me, and I feel like a sausage. Arg.

    Anyway, best of luck finding stuff. I love Running Warehouse and have had luck at Kohl's.

  2. Oh no, don't tell me that... Running Skirts is one of the companies I have been looking at! I already have a skirt sports skirt and while I love the way it looks, I struggle to keep it up. I have been debating between Running Skirts, Sparkle Skirts, and Lululemon has some really cute skirts too (although their website is sparse and they have very few things over a size 4 or 6).

    I will have to look at Running Warehouse, never heard of it before :)

  3. You're right - running clothes aren't made for bigger people. Good luck of finding something that fits, that you like, and that motivates you to run!

  4. I can so relate. I have so much trouble finding women's running clothes that aren't skin tight. Just because I run doesn't mean I'm a size 2 and doesn't mean I want to show every lump and bump I have.

  5. Try INKnBURN. By far the best designs, and much better sizing (go up to size 12). The material is also about a gazillion times better than Running Skirts. -