Sunday, January 1, 2012

Stereotypical 2012 resolutions

I know everyone is posting their resolutions and goals for 2012, and I am no different.  I will try to keep them short and sweet because I am sure there are a million of these types of posts out there.

1.  Lose 25 and FINALLY get to my goal weight.  I was so close and I screwed up these last few months.. I WILL get there.  And to get there, here are a few of my subgoals
   ** drink at least 6 bottles of water a day
   ** get back to only one diet coke a day
   ** track food again for at least 30 days to get the portions and calories back in my mind

2.  Start eating healthy again.  Since October I have been allowing more processed and easy foods back into my diet.  About that time I noticed my depression flaring up as well as my acne getting worse again.  Not sure if it is a direct result of the chemicals in the food but its definitely worth investigating.

3.  Become more fiscally responsible.  My running and races cost money.  Because of that I need to get control of my "for fun" shopping.  We aren't poor by any means, but I feel like we could be putting money into savings.

4.  Incorporate more cross-training and weight training into my life.  I love running but I need to work on these types of things to help reduce my chances of injury.

5.  Train for and successfully run a full marathon.  This will be my ONLY running goal this year.  I want to improve my times and run lots of fun races, but I want to make sure that my focus is on staying healthy for the full marathon that I will run in December 2012.

6.  Successfully raise money for St Jude.  I would LOVE to raise $2,620 That works out to $100 per mile.   I figure what better time to raise money than my first marathon and St. Jude is SUCH a great cause.  I am scared about trying to raise that much money but hopeful that somehow I will pull it out!  Any fundraising suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  I am hoping to solicit some donations from a couple running companies to do some giveaways but outside of that I have no clue.  I also have NO clue how to go about soliciting donations, so... I may end up purchasing things for a giveaway instead. Hah.

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  1. It's like a breath of fresh air to post new goals with the new year and blank slate ahead. Nice targets you have. My massage therapist (occasionally referred to on my blog as MGA aka My Girl Ashley) is running the St. Jude half. Her blog is called "courage to start" and is on my sidebar.
    Good luck with your goals - it will be fun to watch you be able to cross one off after another!