Sunday, January 15, 2012

Mad Scientists and the Ice Queen

I hope everyone had a pleasant weekend.  This weekend, hubby and I decided to take the kids to the local children's science museum.  Its not very big and there aren't a ton of things to do there, but they had fun and it was a great use of 2-3 hours of our day on Saturday.  Just a few pictures from the museum:

Today I had plans to do a long run.  I hadn't really set any expectations for what I wanted to accomplish, but I was hoping for 6ish miles.  I started out and it was SO cold (I think it said 9* when I started!) and I was trudging through snow on the sidewalks.  My fuel belt was falling of and I had to head home at 2 miles in for a potty break... I was SO ready to give up, but miraculously I made myself head back out the door.  All it took was to remember Sherry Arnold, the runner who never returned from her run... tomorrow is never guaranteed, so don't let fears and doubts hold you back.

It wasn't my fastest run, and it was PAINFUL to run in the snow, I can't believe how much harder it seemed. my quads and calves were burning, so I decided to head to the streets.  I was nervous about running on the streets but since its my neighborhood I figured I would be safe as long as I was aware of my surroundings.  So, I took one of my earbuds out and kept on trucking.  

I had to stop at mile 5 to take my fuel (Chocolate #9) because it was a frozen rock so I had to massage it in my hands to take it.  Then I stopped again at mile 7 because my water was frozen in my fuel belt and it took some wrestling to get water out of it.... But, other than that, it was a pretty uneventful run.

Once I hit mile 6 and I realized my legs weren't really tired I decided to shoot for 8-9 miles, and once I hit 8, I decided I had to push to 10 miles!  This is my first double digit training run since September 8!  Since then I have run 3 halfs, a 9 miler, and a handful of 6 milers.  Mostly though I was running shorter distances due to injury and recovery.   This was a well needed reminder that I have what it takes to run a half marathon.

When I finished my 10 miles, I realized I was covered in ice... my hair, my bondi band, my face, eyebrows, etc...   I guess that makes me the ice queen? hah!  Just a few pics... notice the pepper spray in the second picture, you just can never be too careful!

My splits were ALL over the place today, but like I said, I was just happy to get it done.. that is a HUGE success regardless of anything else.

Avg Pace

A couple last minute thoughts... this weeks challenge over at A Mama's Goals was a success, I managed to get in at least 8 servings of fruits/veggies and 90+ oz of water each day.  I am going to carry this over into the rest of the year, maybe not 8 servings every day but I definitely want to work on increasing my fruit/veggie intake.   This next week's challenge will be interesting, its all about cleaning and organizing... two things I am NOT very good at!

I also realized today that I should be in my official training schedule for my half in April, WHOOPS!  I think I will be okay, but I need to get onto a schedule... I am just not sure what to do, looks like I could start at week 4 and progress from there.  That would have me running 4 days a week this week with my long run  being only 5 miles.  I wonder though if I shouldn't do like 8 instead and then bounce back up to 10 to increase my double digit runs before the half.  In the training schedule I have, there are only 4 double digit runs.  I always struggle towards the end..... decisions decisions!

What would you suggest as my training plan?  My race is April 7 so I have 10 weeks to "prepare." 

Also, anyone have any experience using a treadmill to "mimic" hills on a course?  There is a monster hill at my next half and I want to be ready for it! 

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  1. I am probably not who you want to comment about training programs...since I change mine weekly. Hahaha. However, I think you should look into finding a marathon training that has a 12-14 miler scheduled for the weekend of April 7th. Does that make sense? Like, mine for Blue Ridge Marathon calls for a 12 miler on the weekend of the Charlottesville half. Yay! I think you would get some longer runs in that might satisfy you a bit more than typical half could always shorten the 16-20 mile runs if needed. But maybe it would be "fun" to try?

    That's my two cents. I know you are such a great runner and I KNOW for a fact you can do those longer runs. What is your goal for the upcoming half? Faster time? Just another notch on the fuel belt? :)

    On the hilly note...I have decided to make my mid-week medium distance runs VERY hilly. Oh, wait, you asked for treadmill, right? Nevermind. No experience here. :)

    We are gonna be some cleaning machines this week!!! On the rearranging thing - even something minor can really change things. Like, a couch/chair set up can usually be reversed a bit. We are currently in the largest sq. footage house we have been in since our marriage - 1600. When Zoe was born (the 4th child) we lived in 900 square feet and I rearranged daily. Because it was kind of like my therapy of not being able to STAND being so cramped with 4 kids. Yay for my life. Hahaha. What I'm trying to say is, you can figure something out to rearrange. :)