Friday, August 5, 2011

Amazing Blogger Award

Holly at Rust Belt Runner tagged me on the Amazing Blogger Award. Thanks a ton. Hope these fun questions help my readers get to know me a bit better.

[Favorite Cartoon Character]

If I try to think back to what I watched as a kid, I think the first thing that comes to mind is Rainbow Brite. Strawberry Shortcake would probably be a close second. I actually had glasses as a kid, and they had strawberry shortcake on them.

[Favorite Thing to Photograph]

My kids

[Favorite Thing to Cook]

Anything from my "favorite" cookbook right now - "Lean and Lovin' It" by Don Mauer. The picture above was dinner tonight - Lean Chicken Paprika. SO good.

[Favorite Way to Exercise]

Until recently I would have told you swimming, but now I think I would say running, preferably NOT alone.

[Favorite Movie]

This is harder than I thought it would be. I enjoy watching movies, but don't spend a ton of time doing so. I don't have a favorite specific movie, but my favorite genre would be romantic comedies!

[Favorite Article of Clothing]

I have a couple of favorites, but as a general rule I would say my favorite piece of clothing right now would be a denim skirt (I have 3)!

[Favorite Flower]

I don't have a favorite necessarily, but I like calla lilies quite a bit, they were the flower I used for my wedding.

[Favorite Breakfast]

Pretty much every breakfast for the last 45 weeks has been the same - chocolate mini wheats and a cup of skim milk! I eat the cereal dry and drink the milk separate!

[Favorite Book]

I hate to admit I don't really read often. I can't remember the last book I read, probably some cheap romance novel! :-/

[Favorite Place to Be]

Cheesy answer, but wherever my friends and family are. As a result of going where the jobs are, we are "alone" here in Indiana. Our family is all in Michigan, Alabama, and other states. Our friends are scattered just as far. I would love to have everyone that is important to me in the same place for a week or two!

[Favorite Sporting Event]

I think this photo sums it up pretty well!

Hope you all enjoyed reading a bit about me. I only have 9 followers and most of you have already done this, so I am not going to tag anyone specific. However, if you would like to do this, consider yourself tagged - you are all amazing!

Time for bed, gotta be up early for a 9 mile run tomorrow... these long runs are so intimidating!


  1. I don't even know where to start - great post! I'll start with your bada** running photo - wow girl, LOOK AT THAT!!!! Nice! Then of course, you I'm a big NFL & Colts fan.
    Great post and by now I suspect your 9 miler is done, but I've been thinking of you and hoping it was a successful one.

  2. I like the running photo!

    I know what you mean when you talk about being "alone" in Indiana. I still feel that way (came for a job too) most of the time although I have lived here 3 years now.