Monday, August 1, 2011

Warrior Dash!

I am less than two weeks from the Warrior Dash and I am trying to figure out what to do for a shirt. I want to be able to toss everything that I am wearing (other than my bondi-band which is small enough to wash out). I guess it sounds crazy to wear disposable clothes, but I will be going straight from the warrior dash to a family function out of state. I can't imagine leaving stinky muddy clothes sitting in my van for 2 days! So far I plan to wear:
- old oversized black running skirt
- my least favorite sports bra
- old socks
- old tennis shoes (which I will donate at the race)
- olive green bondi band that reads "If you see me on the ground, drag me across the finish line?"
- black fingerless gloves to help protect my hands from blisters (I am afraid I will look like a dork wearing these, but terrified the ropes will tear up my hands)

I need help from my readers: what do I do about a shirt? I am thinking I will do a shirt with some sort of saying on it. I have iron on transfers, and the potential to maybe get heat transfer vinyl. I want it to be something about the warrior dash, potentially working in my 120 pound weight loss and such. HELP!?! I also wonder what color I could use for the shirt.. I don't think I will be able to find olive green, so what would match the best?

I am trying to decide whether or not to wear knee socks to protect my legs and whether or not to duck tape my shoes on. I have read suggestions of both, but just as many people suggesting its not necessary!

I am sort of disappointed to be running the warrior dash alone, but I am excited to be crossing something else off my "bucket list."

I have really been slacking on everything except my running lately, I haven't been swimming or weight lifting. It is my goal to get some weight training in at least once a week the next two weeks, maybe twice. I really want to get some upper body work in to prepare for the run.

3.5 miles down today, I finished in 30:10 - it felt really strong, even if not my fastest run. Still struggling with sore hamstrings and hoping they feel better by Saturday. Really need to work on something more exciting for this blog - but having been struggling with illness in my house (myself, my kids, and even my dog) has left me drained.


  1. A Warrior dash sounds like a blast!! Good luck! Awesome blog!

  2. Girl - I don't think I am creative enough to offer advice. I would say go to Goodwill and get a .10 shirt that can be thrown away. Maybe google "warrior quotes". is there an army surplus store in FW or your area? Maybe you could get a shirt there. If I think of something creative, I'll definitely let you know.
    You'll have the most fun - can't wait to hear all about it.