Wednesday, August 31, 2011

More than Half Crazy?

So, I have seen a lot of things with the slogan "only  half crazy" in reference to half marathons, but I may have surpassed half crazy.  I think I may have caught the "bug."  While I was laid up last week resting my knee I spent my "free time" searching the internet for more half marathons that I wanted to run.  Yes, I am INSANE.  But, I have a huge list of races that I want to do.  I have races laid out until 2014 in some of the more "race heavy" months.

Obviously this is not set in stone or anything, but here is what I have laid out so far.  If all goes according to plan, I hope to do most of these races.  Its all very exciting! :) 

2011 -
Sept 3 - Parlor City Trot 10 miler - registered
Sept 10 - Defender Dash 5k - registered
Sept 18 - Pufferbelly Trail 5k - registered
September 24 - Fort 4 Fitness Half Marathon - registered
October 16 - Matt Reinke 5k
October 23 - St Louis Rock n Roll Half Marathon - registered
November 5 - WOOF
November 12 - Veterans 5k (?)
December 10 - Jingle Bell 5k (Indy)

2012 -
April 7- Oak Barrel Half Marathon
May 5- Indy Mini - registered
September - Indy Women's Half Marathon 
October - Nike Women's Half Marathon (if I get in... if not .. Detroit Free Press Half Marathon)
November: Fall Classic Half (Ohio)
December - St Jude Memphis

2013 -
January - Walt Disney World Full Marathon (will I ever be able to complete a full?!?)
March - Rock N Roll Half - New Orleans (?)
April - Rock N Roll Half - Nashville
May - Cleveland Half (?)
August  - Rock N Roll Half - Chicago
September - Rock N Roll Half - Philadelphia
October - Detroit Free Press Half Marathon (or Nike Women's Half if I dont get in 2012)
December - Rocket City Half (?)

2014 -
March - Run the Bluegrass Half
April - Kentucky Derby Half 
May - Flying Pig Half
September - Victory Junction Gang Half
October - Mackinaw Island Great Turtle Half

Other races I would like to run at some point:  (If you are interested in more info on these races, google... I am tired of adding links! haha)
January: Tinkerbell Half Marathon
February: Disney Princess Half Marathon
March: Little Rock Arkansas Half
March: NYC Half
March: DC National Half
March: Rock N Roll Half - DC
April: Crossroads Half
April: Martian Marathon Half Marathon
June: Charlevoix Half
September: Women's Half - Nashville
September: Emerald City Half
September: State to State Half
October: Halloween Half
October: Harbor Springs Half
October: Iron Horse Half
October: Myrtle Beach Mini
October: Disney Wine and Dine Half
October: Red, White and Blue 26.2 
October: Army 10 miler
November: Atlanta Half
November: Space Coast Half
December: Kiawah Island Half
Stomp the Grapes

Short Distance Races:
   10/30 - pumpkin run 5k
   10/15 - run for sleeping angels 5k
   10/6 - run for Riley 5 miler
   10/9 - salamander sprint 5k/10k
   11/19 - FWTC Turkey Trot 5k
   11/24 - galloping gobbler

If you have done any of these races, or have any input on any of them, PLEASE feel free to share, it would be greatly appreciated.  I realize that I may find there are too many races per year, but I wanted to lay out what I COULD do if my training went well.  These would technically work out together timing wise though.

Readers Poll Time:  How far in advance do you start planning out your future races?


  1. "C" and I are planning now for all of 2012 and into January of 2013 - many of the spring halfs have early reg deadlines of late October.

    Just thinking that you might want to run this list of races by Eric - it seems WAY TOO AGGRESSIVE and seems very likely to result in overuse injury to me, but . . . that's just my novice opinion. They look fun, but I think too much. The other thing my mentor has taught me is that only one half a year can be a goal race - the one you focus all of your efforts into getting a PR . . . the others are just training runs and fun experiences where you run 10-15 minutes slower and just focus on having a good time. He said that even if there was a spring half and a fall half -that even then, one still has to be more important.

    My massage therapist definitely wants to do the St. Jude race! (her contact info is on my blog's side bar at the bottom).

    Nashville races - HILLY! (runnersluck - link on my sidebar did the Women's half in nashville last year you could check out her recap)

    Done 1 lap of the WOOF - likely to do the relay of the WOOF this year - it's a trail run - nice!

    The disney full marathon 1/2013 is the one "C" is eyeing for her first full (both of you are crazy!)

    Cleveland half - you can ask rustbeltrunner about that.

    Flying Pig - HILLY . . . you'll want to make sure you do the March Nutrirun 10 mile race in in fW to prep for that race! There are lots of flying pig participants from FW in that race to prep.

    The Turtle half in Mac Island was one that one of the gals from our local Y was eyeing to do. Sounded really neat. Maybe cold and windy though.

    "C" did the princess half - you should hear her tell you the pros/cons . .. .her "during the race pix" with characters seem worth it to me!

    Army 10 miler - did that without even knowing I was really doing a race. It's VERY difficult to get into. I keep trying though - maybe some day I'll get it.

    We did the Run for Riley last year - horrible course, horribly lack of water stations (1 station at mile 3.75) - great food afterward and great cause.

    I'm a big fan of the FW River City Rat Race 10K -it's BEAUTIFUL with the fall leaves!!! It's well organized especially if you carry all the water you need (one year they ran out of water at the 2nd aid station and last year they ran out of cups). We would totally do it again this year but it's the same day as St. Louis.

    That's about all I know of those races. Good luck and have a lot of fun planning them out - and then doing them!

  2. Thank you, thank you for all the input. I know its alot, I definitely plan to talk to Eric and ask him what he thinks about the number of half marathons a person can complete in a year. I definitely am not going to be running for PRs. I am more hoping that these races will keep me motivated to keep running than anything. After my first couple I plan to sort of forget about the clock :)