Thursday, September 1, 2011

Weigh-in Thursday

It's weigh in Thursday and I am sad to admit that I haven't been doing so well on the weight loss front the last few weeks.  I have been focusing more on making sure I am staying fueled for my half marathon training.  Not to mention we had Daniel's birthday party this last weekend and we JUST got done eating the leftovers from his party.  I definitely over-prepared the food!  Not exactly the healthiest food.  Anyway, I was back up to 190  on Tuesday (probably mostly from sodium/water retention?).  This morning I was back down to 187.  This is still over 5 pounds up from my low, and now I am 12 pounds from my goal weight.  I am trying to take this set-back in stride.  So, to "cheer" myself up I decided to go look back at where I started.  I think this picture says it all, how can I be disappointed when I see the progress I have made?

Thank you to all those who have helped/enouraged me along my running journey: Mom, Dad, Tommy, Melissa, R, L, C, E, A, and so many more.  There are too many of you to list here!


  1. OMG - yeah, that's a motivating comparison for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow girl - Look at how strong you are on the right -yeah, that's a girl that's on a mission and is kicking butt the whole way.

  2. An amazing transformation - and don't worry, I know you will get back on track.

  3. Thank you "L" and Mom. I am so glad that I have both of you there to help support me on this journey!

    "L" - your running knowledge has been invaluable - THANK YOU!