Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Accountability is getting on the scale this morning even after I had a melt-down diet wise yesterday.  My diet yesterday consisted of chocolate frosted mini wheats with skim milk, chicken with spaghetti squash, granola bar, and the following:


For the record, thats a chocolate milkshake, 2 chocolate chip cookies, and dinner was wings, soft pretzels, and potato wedges from buffalo wild wings.

Yes, I am ashamed.  It was one of those days,  I actually sat in my car and cried for almost an hour.  I turned to food to comfort me when I felt like nothing was going right.  I know this was a huge step backwards for me as far as my diet goes, so I forced myself on the scale this morning.  Strangely enough my weight went down... though I suspect it may go up tomorrow.

Now that my confession time is over, I have to apologize about not posting and commenting much.  My daughter started preschool last week and I am still getting used to the time that requires.  I spend 1-2 hours in the car every day between taking her, getting her home, and the pickup/drop off line.  I haven't quite figured out a schedule that works for me. Here is a photo of her on her first day of school showing off the card that Grandma made for her and our attempt at being crafty (her school bag).  It's not the greatest picture, she doesn't cooperate for me- I will try to update with a better one later.

I was supposed to do a post about my long run, but unfortunately since that was almost a week ago I don't remember much about the actual run.  I will do a quick summary here, not that it will be interesting to most of you guys, but I want it more for my reference.  The schedule called for 9-10 miles, I was secretly hoping to do 12 to get me closer to the half-marathon distance.  The farthest I have gone is 11 miles and I am secretly afraid that I won't be able to go 13.1!   I overslept and got a late start so I decided I would shoot for 10.  I forgot to eat an english muffin before heading out - whoops!  I fueled with Chocolate #9 at about 4 miles and about 7.5 miles (not the greatest decisions but they worked) and drank water and black cherry propel.   I ended up stopping by the house at about 7.5 miles to use the bathroom and headed back out. I had some problems with my gps running app on my phone.  Although, I didnt realize it until I was done with my run.  Luckily, despite the problems the mileage ended up being right.  The splits however, were screwed up.  Which is sad because I would have liked to analyze them before the half.  Ah well!  The splits being off is what made me realize there was a showed I ran one mile in 7 minutes - yeah I think NOT!  Somehow while it got the overall mileage right it showed me running all over creation, random lines that I did not run etc.  I know the overall mileage is right because I double checked it.... yeah, so confused!
My overall time for 10.04 miles was 1:31:45

 Hah.  For giggles, here are my splits from that long run:

I promise to try to do better about updating the blog and including some more interesting content.  Hope you all are having a good Tuesday!

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