Saturday, September 17, 2011

Just what I needed....

All yesterday I was nervous about today's run because my body just aches.  You know, sometimes being a woman is just a painful process... add that to aches and pains from running and I was worried I wouldn't have a strong run today.

I tried out a new diet plan this week.  I cut out most of the protein, dairy, and fiber from my diet for Thursday and Friday.  I did this in hopes of combating my tummy troubles.  I also took 2 Imodium last night and this morning.  Of course, this was  my first try so I don't know if it was pure luck but it seemed to  have worked!  Hooray!  *knock on wood* I am hoping that repeating this next week will lead to a successful half marathon with no tummy problems.  Its frustrating when my tummy holds me back from what the rest of my body is capable of.

Of course with today being a taper week I had a shorter long run than normal - only 8 miles.  Typically my tummy troubles crop up between miles 5 and 7.5 though so I am hopeful.  I have been venturing a bit further from the Y and enjoying some nice trails in the housing areas to keep from feeling so bored during the long runs.

8.05 miles in 1:10:28 - YES!
Just what I needed to build confidence for my half - a strong run! 

Nothing much of importance to note today as far as the run goes.  It was a bit chilly today, but I still ran in my planned  F4F outfit (plus my calf sleeves and some knee high socks cut into arm warmers.  I took the arm warmers off at around mile 3 or so.  Took fuel at mile 4.5 (chocolate #9).  I didn't drink much since it wasn't hot and I didn't feel like I needed as much.  I think I only drank 20 oz of water during the run and immediately after.

I did break the rules a bit today - at our class on Wednesday our running coach warned that we should keep our intensity the same and just decrease distance.  He said that often times people increase their intensity because they are feeling more refreshed.  I think I fell into that trap.  Most of my long runs I average between 9:10 and 9:30 pace per mile.  Today, my pace was 8:45 per mile.  oops.

Pace and elevation chart as well as splits below:

Sending my buddy "Wells L" over at My Story...Chapter 2 good luck as she goes to her Girls Night Out today.  She previously won her age group and is hoping to repeat - I totally think you can do it!  Go get 'em!

Hope the rest of you have a great weekend, I am going to scope out the route for my half marathon today and my dad will be stopping in tonight on his way home to Alabama from Michigan.  And of course, tomorrow, I run another 5k!  And my daughter will be running her first "real" run - a 1 mile fun run.  She did one other one,but it was probably like 100 yards - this will be huge!  Hoping she makes it the full mile!

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