Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ramblings of a soon-to-be Half Marathoner!

It's late Thursday night, and I am sitting up waiting for my Mom and Sister to get into town for the weekend.  What better to do than write a blog post about what crazy things are going through  my head?   Warning: I ramble and this may not make any sense!

It's been almost 12 months since I started my journey to a healthier me.  I started out making some big changes to my diet: eliminating processed/pre-made food, eliminating pop and adding water, limiting sodium, eating lean protein, portion control, and making healthy low fat meals that weren't necessarily just salads.  The first few weeks were awesome, the weight just flew off - 5 lbs a week for the first 6 weeks!  It was great to see the results that quickly because it helped me stay motivated.  I remember at the time I was swimming as my main form of exercise.  I love swimming and can't wait to add some swimming back into my schedule.

One day late in the fall while scrapbooking with friends we got into a discussion about running.  I was FULL of excuses  - plenty of reasons why I would NEVER be able to run.  First of all was the fact that I had two knee surgeries and the biggest problem for me was that I had a VERY large chest and my excuse for not running?  I couldn't find a sports bra that would work.  Really....pathetic excuse!  The runner in the group assured me that there were indeed bras out there that could be effective. Somehow between that conversation and talk of new year's resolutions I decided I would take up running.  At first it was pathetic... I couldn't run more than a few steps without being out of breath.  The same person who made me knowledgeable about sports bras gave me some breathing tips that made running possible.  I am forever in debt to her.  Who knew that less than 12 months later I would be readying myself to run a half marathon.

13.1 miles.  That's a hell of a lot of miles, especially for someone who not a year ago weighed over 300 pounds. 125 pounds lighter, that's approximately a tenth of a mile per pound I have lost.  Or, another way to look at it - each mile I run will signify approximately 9.5 pounds I have lost.  Totally crazy.  I can't imagine going back to the way I was living before.

I do still struggle with my food choices sometimes - but what I have found is that when I do make poor choices I am doing MUCH better about getting back on the band wagon.  I might have a couple days where I eat whatever, but its so easy to get back to healthy eating because I genuinely feel better when I watch what I am eating.  And, most importantly, I love the feeling that I get when I run.  It's a sense of utter and complete satisfaction - every time I put on my tennis shoes I am accomplishing something I never thought I would.

Soon it will be all over, that doesn't seem humanly possible.  But, in a little less than 36 hours all my training will come to head and I will be running 13.1 miles with an estimated 3000-4000 people!  I am super excited, albeit a bit nervous.  I just have to have faith in training and all the work I have put in.  No matter the results of Saturday's half marathon, I am a winner.  I've lost 125 pounds, gained an appreciation for a healthy lifestyle, and gained years of happiness with my children as they grow up.

So proud to be "Running 4 my life"

Note:  I would like to wish good luck to the following people who are running in the races here in town this weekend:
Beth (10k), Kimberly (4 mile), "L" (half), "C" (half), April and Tia (half), and "J" (half)

And of course, good luck to any of you who may be running races outside of my local area.  Without your support I wouldn't be where I am today - so THANK YOU.


  1. You're awesome! You will totally rock this 1/2 and you're right - you already are a winner! Have fun!!!! :)

  2. Good luck to me! :) Haha. Last night the baby wouldn't go to bed without me laying next to her, so I had time to read some of your older posts...I so wish you had blogged in the beginning of your "journey"!

    Good luck to you tomorrow. I agree that you are already a success, and I know you will do great! I'm looking forward to you "after" post!!!

  3. Great post - great reflection on your journey to getting to the starting line. I'm so excited for the opportunity that lies ahead of you and know that you will be amazing!
    Rock the race you have prepared for!!!! See you at the finish line (for sure) - hopefully the starting line as well.

  4. I second L. Good luck tomorrow and enjoy the experience!