Tuesday, September 6, 2011

So, I knew my time from the PCT was around 1:36.  The official results were posted today and seeing the results I see why they only awarded first place in the 10 mile race.  In most age categories there were only one maybe two people!  The race didn't seem that small since there were three different races going off at once!

official time: 1:35:54.1
Pace: 9:35 min/mile
Age Group: 2 of 5
Overall: 37 of 65

I am hoping to run a bit better at my first half marathon.   But, I have come to terms with the fact that my initial goal is out the window.  Really, my goal is to make sure I finish.  I would love to finish with no walk break, but if I have to walk I am going to try not to beat myself up about it.  I just have to think back to January when I made my resolutions for the year.  I wanted to run ONE 5k and walk a half marathon.  I have FAR exceeded those goals so far this year.. so, if I have to walk a bit.. ITS OKAY!

Race Count so far this Year:
5k: 6
4.5mile: 1
10k: 1
10mile: 1
Obstacle Course 5k: 1

Happy Tuesday everyone, I am off to the craft store to buy decorations for my daughter's bag for her first day of school tomorrow!!


  1. If a sub 2 is your goal - I wouldn't exactly say it's out of the window. I think around 2 hour is definitely do-able. You can do it! You did GREAT and although you may finish the Fort in 2:01 or 2:05 - that's still hugely amazing and it's so close to a 2:00 that really for your first half - it's close enough to count - REALLY it is!!!! You're going to be great - I know it and your performance on Saturday proves it!

  2. It was nice to meet you at the PCT! I hope we'll see you at more races. You did awesome!

  3. It's not totally out the window by any means I suppose. However, I am just giving up on it? I want to do the best I can, but I am afraid if I have a goal of sub 2 and miss it I will be less proud of my accomplishment. So, instead I will just focus on finishing feeling strong... no regard to time. Seriously, I am okay with it! :)

  4. @ April - it was great to meet you! I will be at F4F, so I may see you there! :) You guys did great too - isn't it an awesome feeling to finish something you never thought possible? I know 9 months ago if someone told me I was going to run 10 miles I would have called them crazy!