Friday, September 16, 2011

Fantastic Friday?

Not much to report here - went to the zoo with my kiddos this morning.  It was a very nice cool outing and we enjoyed the previews of fall! So much fun!  I am glad we have a decent zoo in town that we can just go walk around for a few hours.  Its not a huge zoo and we dont even typically do all the exhibits each time, but its a nice way to get out and enjoy the outdoors! For your "viewing pleasure" a photo of me and my daughter (don't mind her, shes not into getting her picture taken)!

I got so overwhelmed with my half marathon stressing yesterday that I forgot it was weigh-in Thursday. I have been watching what I eat but I haven't been dieting so to speak.  I weighed in at 184 this morning.  According to the BMI charts, at 5'11" - I am still 9 pounds overweight.  I really hope to see 175 (or possibly lower) someday but I am not going to stress about it.  Yes, I know BMI is outdated and typically not the best indicator, but its something concrete that I can strive for.

And last but not least, this DEFINITELY makes for a fantastic Friday... extended forecast, check out the weather for Saturday Sept 24 - my half marathon date!  Yes, I know it can change, but let me be ecstatic for at least a few days! haha

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  1. I keep flippin' forgettin' to check the gosh dang weather for the race - a million thank you's for just helping me by combing blog reading with weather review. HOW SWEET is that forecast. I'm not at all worried it will change. If it does it will only change to one day before or after and both of them look FANTASTIC!!!! YAY - thanks for helping me with the weather. I've said I need to check it a MILLION times, and a MILLION times, I've forgotten. I've spent A LOT of time helping C with her race and spent zero seconds thinking about my race. Hmm- better do that, huh!

    Love that you went to the zoo today - what a perfect day to go!!! Tell you daughter, "By the way - I said Hi :) "