Monday, September 19, 2011

Crazy Mom on the Loose!

So, first off, I apologize to all of you guys - in addition to my normal large amount of pictures that I include in a race recap, you have even more because I was that crazy Mom this weekend - snapping away tons and tons of pictures.  Natalie ran her first "real" race and I couldn't be more proud of her.

So, lets start with that shall we?  She did one other "fun dash" but I don't really count it.  This however, was a real race - or they called it a fun run..... but, 1 mile and they had a clock so I call it a race even though there wasn't chip timing.  Unfortunately she has been sick since she started preschool a few weeks back, but she was really excited to do the race.  Her dad "ran" with her pushing the stroller- I truly believe she might have run a bit faster if I had been running with her, but either way she had fun and that's what matters.  She was the absolute last one to finish but she was a trooper - and even better, Dr. Mark continued to circle back to run the kids in.  It was great that they didn't give up on her even though she finished way after the other kids.   Although, she told me she doesn't want to run a mile again! haha!   But, she was proud - she told me she told her classmates and teachers about it at circle time today! Maybe there is hope she will catch the running bug yet?
Can you tell how excited I was for her? Thumbs up - she's ready!
Pufferbelly "cheer" before the run Just starting out! 

Running strong at the beginning Dr. Mark running her in - great guy!
Natalie crossing the finish line Seriously, SO proud!

This was such a fun race for the kids - $3 and each kid got a participant ribbon as they crossed the finish line.   And I am including this one last picture of Natalie,because I am sure we can all relate to how she is feeling in this picture.  You can just read her thoughts... doesn't she look "so over" running here?  Go glad hubby got this one while she was running.

Okay, now that we have that part out of the way... lets get to my race recap, shall we?   I decided to do this race because it supports the Fort Wayne Trails - and I can't WAIT until they get them done, especially the ones on the north side of town!  The second annual Pufferbelly 5k was held at Solomon Farm Park. The organizers did a great job putting it together.  They had several musicians there playing  music before and after the race as well as some fabulous post race food: pizza from 800 degrees, donuts, chips, cookies, gatorade, water, and Starbucks coffee.  The organizers and volunteers were all very friendly, they even had an area set up for the kids to play some games.  It was much more of a family event than any of the other races I have done.  Such a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon. 

I went into this race telling myself I shouldn't push too hard.  I mean, I am running a half marathon in less than a week - of course I should take it easy.  I didn't want to risk injuring myself or tiring myself out too much.  I was planning to line up somewhere in the middle of the pack but no one was wanting to be at the front so I sucked it up and took my place up front.  

Yep, screwing with my phone while running! 

As per usual, I went out faster than I wanted to, and burned out towards the end.  I honestly don't remember much about the run - I was just focused on running as strong as I could but listening to my body to make sure I didn't push too hard.  I ended up being the 3rd female to finish but came in 2nd in my age group.  If it had been the "usual" age groups I would have taken first.  My age group at this race was 20-29 versus the usual 25-29.  The girl who took first (in the pink shirt in the above picture) was 20.  So close!!  My official time was 24:11.5 - quite a bit slower than last week, but still better than my previous PR, so I am happy with it. Came in 16th of 90 overall.  

 And a few pictures of me finishing... 
I swear - I wasn't pushing my way across the finish line.  At least, I don't think I was... I hope?
I am going to claim bad camera angle!

ETA: Anyone have any last minute helpful hints for me regarding my half marathon this weekend? AHHHH, can't believe its so soon!


  1. Nice post - great pix. LOVE the bondi bands you and your daughter are wearing. You totally have to email that pix to the bondi band folks -they'll put it on their website (they got my Chicago rnr tiara and tutu pix posted).

    Sounds like a nice race. Looks like a lot of grass running???? Good for your joints. Looks like you had a very fast time and ran a pretty smart race.

    Last minute advice - I guess just to remember why you signed up in the first place and to remember the first one is just to have fun because anything short of getting picked up by the slowpoke bus is a HUGE accomplishment that most people in America will never know! The first one's to have fun - the rest are to improve (unless you're me and then they are mostly all just to have fun :) ha!).
    See you for our final class. Less than a week for your first half and less than 5 weeks for your 2nd - wow, unstoppable!

  2. Thanks "L" - I'm determined to enjoy this one but I can use all the reminders I can get. I'm my own biggest critic, but even so I know even just finishing will be a huge deal. I cant wait to cross the finish line, and I'm super pumped to cheer you guys on at the end!!

    Speaking of Saturday, they changed the forecast!! Boo!