Friday, September 2, 2011

PCT tomorrow!

So, I may have done a dumb thing spending 3-4 hours outside in the heat this afternoon.  I feel like POO!  Combine that with the pre-race nerves/jitters and I am not feeling so good about tomorrow.  The only good thing is I have some personal issues that I get to run out in the morning and I am hoping that will power me to the finish.  (The issues are not good, but that I have something to motivate me to run harder).

I could use some well wishes tonight.  10 miles is a LONG distance, yes I have run that far, but only twice and definitely not feeling the way I feel tonight!


  1. Oh girl - you've got this. I just helped set up for the race. There is a water station at mile 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 - there is gu at 4& 6 - there is gatorade at least a couple - i didn't set that part up.

    you'll be great - i will introduce you to all kinds of nice people and if you are at the end and there is a lady with a cow bell - that's my mom - you should just go up to ask her if she's lisa's mom - she'll be so proud - then of course tell her how you know me.

    chris and i hope to finish at 945 and are looking forward to seeing you before the race . . . hang in there - just remember - think 'dress rehersal'.

    sorry for the lack of punctuation and caps - i'm letting my awesome nail polish dry - priorities . . . you know.

    it's 100% flat and is a beautiful route - country road, woods, greenway - a lot of variety - everyone will be super nice too - i promise. if they aren't just point them out and i'll kick their butt (not with running faster than they do but literally kick their butt).

    see you tomorrow - think dress rehersal!

  2. Not sure what time your race is but I work at 9 - call me if you are done before then.