Thursday, September 15, 2011

I have this problem, its called "OCD" - I get a little overwhelmed by even the smallest things sometimes.  Not that it ever stops me from actually doing things, but sometimes I get so wrapped up in things that I forget to enjoy the moments I am "planning for."

Right now I have a million and one things I am stressing about for the half:
 - What time do I need to get there?
 - Will I be able to time a bathroom stop with a port-a-john with no line?
 - Should I switch from the "walk" corral to a corral with a more appropriate time goal?
 - Do I eat breakfast or skip it hoping to avoid tummy issues?
 - Where should I station my "cheerleaders"?
 - Will they be able to get from "point a to point b" or will they be held up due to traffic, etc
 - How do we handle needing another car seat for kiddo? (I think I have this one figured out?)
 - Am I going to be able to actually run this whole thing?
 - Please God don't let me forget anything.
 - Do I wear my new longer skirt or my old "tried and true" one knowing pictures will be unflattering?
 - How is my stomach going to behave?  How many potty breaks will I need?
 - If I run at x:xx pace, I only have x minutes to spare if I want to reach my goal time.
 - Will I run into my friends before hand?  I am going to need some reassurance!
 - How do I make sure I go out smart and don't overexert in the first 5 miles like I did at PCT?
 - What is the weather going to be like?
 - I am afraid that I am going to be too concerned about time, I really just want to go out there and enjoy myself.

And last (at least on this list, but not in my head) but not least:
 - What do I put on my shirt?!?!

I have been kicking around alot of ideas for the back of my shirt:
 1.  simply a before and after shot of me with my blog address (I vetoed this because I dont think the iron transfer would hold up to 13.1 miles of sweat - though I love the idea)
 2.  Something along the lines of "125 pounds lost" and then below that ""
 3.  Something more vague along the lines of "if you can dream it you can achieve it" with my blog addy
 4. "You don't know who you are until you see what you are capable of." with my blog addy
 5.  "Reclaiming my life mile by mile" with my blog addy
  ---- OR, I am open to better ideas?!?!  Please help!

Now, I would also love to have something small/short on the front... HELP!?!?!?  


  1. I would definitely switch corrals. Last year, I thought I was in a good one and I still ended up weaving around for the first couple miles.

    For me, I would station friends around mile 8 and mile 10. The last 5K is always tough and around mile 7, it gets a bit overwhelming that there's still pretty far to go. It also got more challenging for me in the Woodhurst neighborhood because of some hills.

    Good luck next week!

  2. Thanks so much for your insight!! I am going to drive as much of the route as I can this morning because I have NO clue what its like as I have never run down there. Hopefully that will help settle my nerves. :)