Saturday, August 20, 2011

Double Digit Long Run - SUCCESS

I was super intimidated by the double digit long run this week.  In addition to the digestive issues and cramping issues, I knew it would be a huge mental challenge.  I have been searching for a running partner but so far haven't found anyone to accompany me on my long runs.  So, I knew it was going to be a challenge to keep from psyching myself out.   However, I successfully completed 10 miles at a fairly decent pace.

10.03 miles - time: 1:32:05 
279 foot climbed
1520 calories burned

Below is the boring "nitty gritty" of the run.  Feel free to skip this!  I was late getting myself up this morning, but I was ready to start my run about 6:55 am.  I ate an english muffin before hand, and I also took immodium to try to help with the cramping I have been experiencing.  

I haven't found any good long trails that I feel comfortable running alone, so I knew I was going to have to do alot of short laps (1.7-1.8 miles each "lap").  I think doing the short laps makes the miles drag on.  The good news is that I only needed one bathroom break and I only had one instance of slight cramping in my ribs.  I also didn't need any walk breaks.  I had a couple times when I felt like I had no control over my legs.  It was like there was something telling my legs to keep moving - I felt like I couldn't have stopped if I wanted to... strange feeling indeed.   Towards mile 8.5-9 I started having some slight pain and numbness in my arms/hands but nothing that was too difficult to manage.

Took fuel at about 3.5 miles (Gu Vanilla Bean Gel) when I stopped for a bathroom break and around 6.5-7 miles (Gu Roctane Raspberry Chocolate Gel).   Drank a combo of propel black cherry and water.

Elevation/Pace Diagram:

mile 1 -  9:16
mile 2 -  9:13
mile 3 -  9:11
mile 4 -  9:03
mile 5 -  9:24
mile 6 -  9:31
mile 7 -  9:23
mile 8 -  9:15
mile 9 -  9:06
mile 10 -  8:31

I decided that no better day to spend all day on my feet than the day of my longest run ever.  So, we packed up the kids and headed to the zoo - we spent 3 hours there (much longer than I had planned).  On the way home from the zoo we stopped for frozen yogurt - so yummy.  I probably ate more calories than I burned on my run this morning!  And of course, my day wasn't done there - my daughter and I spent over two hours grocery shopping.  I haven't uploaded most of my pictures from the zoo - but I love this one I captured of my daughter. She tends to be such a ham that we don't get decent pictures.  At least in this one she doesn't look overly cheesy.  She is rocking her sunglasses from Aunt Missy - she wore them the whole time we were at the zoo.


  1. Great job on your 10 mile run! And yikes, a day at the zoo after that must be tough on your feet. What a cute picture of your daughter!

  2. I'm so happy for you!!!! It certainly sounds like you may have found the formula for success to combat cramps and running!!! Way to go!!!! 10 miles - that's a huge milestone!!!! Wow - I can't believe your pace and that your last mile crushed the others - you are going to CRUSH F4F!!!! Great job! Do the exact same fueling and hydrating and pre-run thing before/during your next long run and hope the positive results will be the same.
    Zoo afterward? WOW!!!!! You're crazy . . . and amazing!!!
    Great job!!!

  3. @Vanessa - Thanks! It was definitely a difficult run and of course today I am paying for being on my feet all day yesterday - but it was worth it.

    @"L" - I am happy this run went as well as it did. I am of course worried that it was a fluke, but next Saturday I am going to repeat what I did this week and hope that it works again! Thanks for being a "cheerleader" - it makes all of this hard work easier. Seriously, you are the best cheerleader ever! :)