Friday, August 19, 2011

Crawfordsville, Indiana Warrior Dash Reflections

So, I posted in great detail about the warrior dash earlier this week but I wanted to do a post that was more about my thoughts of the race as well as the "official stats".

         (yes, I realize this has my full name on it, but you could find that info anyway!)

Finishing time: 41:14.45 (this is slow due to stopping for pics, a tangled camera, and eventually a camera lost in the mud)
Age Group: 98 of 723
Gender: 376 of 2795
Overall: 2024 of 6726

Overall, I was very happy with this race.  I was impressed at how smoothly things went on race day.  I wish I would have run a faster time, but I knew going in this race wasn't about setting a PR - it was all about having a good time.  That being said, I don't think I had as much fun as you could have at this race for several reasons.
1.  I did the race alone.  I wasn't able to find someone to go with me.  I think this is the type of race that is more fun run with a group of friends.  Plus, running partners would also double as great event photographers.  I think the pictures would have been much more awesome with two or three of us taking pictures (especially of each other). It was impossible to get pictures of myself doing the obstacles, which would have been awesome!
2.  I did the race at 8 am.  I signed up for the earliest wave available because I wanted to be done early to avoid the heat, plus we had a family get together we needed to be at, it was a 5 hour car ride away.  I also did this because I was afraid of some of the obstacles.  I figured the earlier I went, the less likely that the obstacles would be messy, and less muddy = less slippery!

While I was right about the lack of mud on the obstacles, I felt like I missed out by being in an early wave.  It was a VERY small group - maybe 60-75 people.  This was great because it meant that the course wasn't crowded, but it meant that the excitement wasn't nearly as high.  I think I missed out on a huge part of the event by being in that small wave.  Next time I will opt for a late morning time - say 10 am or so?  This would allow you to be done before it was terribly hot but you would also get the benefit of having more people in your wave.  As far as the obstacles, they may be more muddy later in the day but I didn't think they were that difficult to begin with, so I think I would be okay.   I also plan to make a day of it next time, I would have loved to have stayed around for the "after party."  I think when you do this type of race thats a huge part of it.  Ah well, live and learn.  Overall I would give the race 9/10 stars (they lose a star for an inadequate warrior wash station).  However, MY race experience was probably a 7/10 (due to my circumstances, nothing to do with the race). 

Luckily, I didn't have nearly the injuries or soreness that I was anticipating.  After a weekend in Michigan, I came back and had to get back on my half marathon training schedule.  I ran my 4 miles Monday evening, it did not go well and I was dreading the rest of the week.  However, I was able to redeem myself with a nice easy 5 mile run on Wednesday morning.  I was scheduled to run 4 miles and ended up running 5 and I probably could have run more without fatigue!

Thursday evening I did a run/walk combo with the half marathon class - we did 4 miles with about 1 mile of it being running.  This was a bit less running that I would have liked, but it was for great reason.  We were with the "north class" so we spent a ton of time chatting and getting to know them.  It was great to meet a few more runners who are trying to prep for the same race I am.  I would be thrilled if I could find someone to run with (at least for my long runs)!

I have 10 miles scheduled for tomorrow morning and I am absolutely petrified that it will not go well.  I am planning to go to bed early tonight so that I can get enough sleep but I have spent most of the last two days outside supervising the install of our association playground.  I am nursing sunburn and feel dehydrated!   I will be pumping the fluids tonight in the hopes of getting myself fully hydrated before my run tomorrow.   I plan a blog post for tomorrow to document how it goes.  Say a prayer for me?  Mentally, I really need a good long run to prove to myself that I can do this!


  1. I love this post. It's a GREAT insiders perspective of the warrior dash. It certainly looks and sounds like a fun race!!! So excited that you did it!!!!! Love all the inside info.

    Good luck for your 10 tomorrow. I'm sure you'll pull it out. Even if it's not what you hope for, you'll be doing the miles and laying the foundation you will need to be successful and get your sub 2 at F4F. BTW - I played with that calculator from class and given your Diva Dash result you should comfortably get a 1:51 at F4F - nothin' to worry about girl!!!!

    can't wait to hear all about your long run tomorrow. Take it ONE mile at a time!!! Have fun!

  2. Go girl!! As I am reading this, I see that your 10 mile run went well for you!! Yay! So proud of you-it' s motivational for me to read your posts!

  3. @ "L" - I played with that calculator too, and its all wonky for me. Given my 10 mile what it predicts for 5k, 10k etc are off. If I put in my 5k, it puts everything else off. I wonder if it has something to do with the fact that I am a new runner still establishing my paces? I am thinking of adjusting my goals for F4F - you know I will have the sub 2 in my mind. But, I am thinking of adjusting my goals to 2:15 and 2:05. I would hate to not make my goal on my first half.
    @Margie - Thanks! If I can motivate even one person than my blog is worth continuing! :)