Monday, August 8, 2011

Poll Time - Warrior Dash

Not much to post about today, rather uneventful 3.5 mile run this morning. Went alright, not fantastic, but I got it done without too much pain so I will count it as a success. I just wanted to share photos of my outfit for warrior dash this coming Saturday!

Here is the whole outfit:

And the back of the shirt: (I plan to add my blog addy to the back once I get something easier to remember)

Now for question #1: Which bondiband do I wear? (I show both in the full outfit picture)

I LOVE the saying on the olive green one: "If you see me on the ground drag me across the finish?" But, the pink one is more matchy-matchy and the saying on it works as well "Pain is temporary pride is forever."


  1. The Huntsville gang votes for the olive green band - we like the saying and that it isn't quite so matchy-matchy.

  2. I agree with Lora and the Huntsville gang - whomever they are-(though both sayings are perfect for the race!).
    LOVE the outfit - especially the socks (or are those arm sleeves - either way CUTE!).
    Have fun - kick butt - and enjoy the experience!!! You are so totally going to crush the race!!!

  3. "L" - Lora and the Huntsville gang is my mom, dad, and sister :)

    I LOVE the way the outfit came out too, I am sure it won't begin to compare to some of the crazy costumes though! lol They are indeed socks, I seriously LOVE them.

    Thanks for the input, looks like I will be wearing the olive green bondiband! :)