Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Terrible Two Recap!

Train napkins - we had little matching plates for cake too.

Train chocolates - I made these all by myself, melted down the candy and molded them all.  Made both vanilla and chocolate, probably 400+ pieces of candy!

Awesome Train Decor made by my mom, Lora!  THANKS MOM!

Some of the food: raspberries, rice cakes, fruit tray (bananas, grapes, apples, strawberries), chips and dip, hummus and dippable items (carrots, celery, bagel chips, and pretzels), chex mix and popcorn!  (We also had burgers, hot dogs, bbq pulled pork, veggie pizza, and macaroni and cheese).

Yes, I had way too much food.  I always do that.

Conductor Daniel watching the popcorn being made

Opening Presents

Sibling Love - hugs like this make the "torture" of parenting worthwhile!

If you can't tell he LOVED his cake

Thank goodness he couldn't tell all the mistakes Mommy made while making this cake, he loved it all the same.

LOVE his face in this picture

"Yummy Cake Mommy!"


Hope you guys enjoyed my "terrible two" birthday party recap.  Sorry there isn't more to this post, not feeling very motivated to blog today.  Hopefully I will have something more on topic tomorrow!

I did do a 4 mile run yesterday, nothing too fast or exciting - but another 4 miles under my belt to prepare me for my first half marathon.  I do have a 10 mile race this weekend, so I am going to probably do some slower runs the rest of the week to make sure I am not too tired out on Saturday.

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  1. That party looks like a lot of fun!!!! The train theme is awesome! LOVE the cake - you did a great job on that and the chocolates. Wow - and all that food? That's a huge party!!!! Think the hat is just the icing on the cake!!!! You're a great mom!

    Good job on doing 4 - yeah, my 4 miler was rather unspecial too. Can't wait for Saturday!!!!