Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Christmas (Virtual) 5k

I had plans to run the Christmas virtual 5k put on Daily Vitamin F tomorrow but when I woke up this morning I was feeling terrible about saying something stupid to one of my best friends.  I upset them and I was upset because of it.  Instead of turning to food I decided to turn to my newest vice... running!  And, if I was going to run more than a mile I might as well get the 5k out of the way right?

Not going to lie, I had a bit too much to drink last night so I didn't intend for my run to go well today.  I was actually impressed with how well I was able to do given the circumstances!

I put on my trusty "Christmas race outfit" and took a few photos with my bib before I headed out.

It was a beautiful day for a run - cool but not cold and very sunny.  I have been pretty disappointed that we are not going to have a white Christmas, but to be honest the weather is PERFECT for a run.  I am looking forward to being able to run in the snow, but for today I will be thankful for unseasonable weather.

As per usual I just chose a route through my neighborhood.  I would love to find a new trail to run, but I wasn't feeling adventurous today.  I have been very sore lately from all the running I have been doing but I was determined to run as effectively as I could today.  I ended up finishing up 3.11 miles in 24:42.  About a minute slower than my 5k PR, but I was okay with that!

The best part of my race - I had negative splits!  I have been struggling with that as of late, so it was awesome to see those again!


Last but not least,



  1. Great job! I love your outfit, I also wore my sparkle skirt (red).

  2. GREAT PACE! Merry Christmas!!! :)

  3. Thanks guys! Hope you all enjoyed your Christmas with you family!