Thursday, December 15, 2011

Huff Regrets...

So, my friends are doing an ultra relay this weekend called the HUFF.  "L" tried to talk me into doing it too, but I was scared and didn't try hard enough to get a team together.  Now I am sitting here regretting it.  I hate that I let my fear hold me back yet again!  UGH!

Am I the only one who has crazy last minute regrets about missing races?

I promise I will recap the last two races soon, PROMISE!

Good luck to L, Kimberly, and "C" as they run the HUFF this weekend.  Have a great time guys, can't wait to hear how it goes!  Team "Victorious Secret" will kick some HUFF butt, I know it!


  1. I like it - kicking HUFF BUTT!!! You should have just done it - you too could swim across a "river" - OMG what have I agreed to do?!?!? It's possible you are the ONLY sane one and that the rest of us are in serious need of therapy STAT!!!!

  2. But just think how accomplished you will feel when you get it done. There won't be anything you can't handle. Plus you will have a sparkly new medal to add to your collection! :)

    And yes, maybe next year, between marathons?