Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Streak Continues!

12/22: 1 mile
12/23: 6.21 miles
12/24: 3.11 miles
12/25: 1.01 miles
12/26: 1.1 miles
12/27: 1.27 miles
12/28: 5.01 miles
12/29: 2 miles
12/30: planning 1 mile 1.27 miles
12/31: planning 3.1 miles  3.1 miles + 1.51 miles
1/1/12: planning 3.1 miles

If all goes according to plan these last few days I will officially end the Runner's World Run Streak with 98.32 miles in 39 days.  That works out to just over 2.52 miles per day on average, which is far less impressive than some of the other participants but it was HUGE for me.   Three more days, I can do it!!

I am planning a "year in review" post (or two) for the next few days and of course a resolution post for after the new year... I know, typical right?  I promise I try to find more interesting things to blog about but really I don't live an interesting life!

My hubby has this week off from work so I have been making the most of having him home, mid day runs, shopping, and other appointments that I have put off forever.  My most exciting day so far was yesterday.  I scored some awesome deals at Barbara's, our local specialty bra store.  I wear a hard to fit size and was able to get 6 bras for $141 which seems like a crazy high amount, but their retail value is over $435!

I did have my last PT appointment today - I am not healed but I won't be going back unless it becomes absolutely necessary because as of 2012, I have to  pay 100% of the cost instead of 10%.  That 90% makes you think twice about whether its absolutely necessary.

I have an eye exam tomorrow, the first time in over 7 years.  I am terrified they will find my vision is really bad - so good thoughts would be appreciated.  I am sure its an irrational fear because I am not having too many problems,  but I am hoping to get contacts and have this crazy fear that my eyes will be so bad I won't be able to wear contacts.

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